5 minute mini pizza style soft pretzels

Ever since I created my 5 minute pumpkin cinnamon rolls and 5 minute pumpkin spice donuts (both of which are some of my most popular recipes), I couldn’t help but experiment some more and make a savory recipe using the same dough. I also took the liberty of filming a youtube recipe video to show you guys how to make this fun snack! Check it … Continue reading 5 minute mini pizza style soft pretzels

Expanding my cultural palate – Indian Cuisine

This is not my first encounter with Indian food, nor will it be my last. But my post about my experience with Ethiopian cuisine has been so popular (post can be found here: https://f00dventures.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/expanding-my-cultural-palate-ethiopian-cuisine/), I thought I would do another but this time with Indian cuisine. Over the weekend Edward and I went to one of our favorite local Indian restaurants. It makes me feel … Continue reading Expanding my cultural palate – Indian Cuisine

Thanksgiving preparations: part 2

Today is the big day! Thanksgiving! As you may recall from my previous post, I, along with my fiance, are hosting Thanksgiving this year. I started some of the prep yesterday. Unfortunately, I did not get around to starting until after 4. Still, I was able to make both desserts, the homemade bread, and the sweet potatoes. Actually, funny story about the bread….not really. If … Continue reading Thanksgiving preparations: part 2

Thanksgiving preparation: part 1

For those of you who celebrate thanksgiving, it is almost upon us! Tomorrow marks the big day. My fiancé and I are hosting thanksgiving for the first time this year for my parents. Every year we always talked about doing it but then school and work and life for in the way. But this year, I decided enough was enough and no matter what, Edward … Continue reading Thanksgiving preparation: part 1

Cozy up with beef vegetable stew and warm homemade wheat rolls

As promised, here is the recipe for the beef vegetable stew I mentioned a few posts back. ingredients – 2 raw chicken breasts (or 1 pound ground beef) – 1 onion, chopped – 1 jar tomato,sauce (I used a beef tomato sauce) – 1 (15 ounce) can beans of choice (I used black beans) – 1 1/2 cups beef stock – 1 pinch chili powder … Continue reading Cozy up with beef vegetable stew and warm homemade wheat rolls

Breakfast for dinner: baked French toast

Today was the perfect day for staying inside, sipping tea, catching up on tv shows on Netflix. And that’s exactly what I did today. I made some homemade chai tea, had a greys anatomy marathon, and baked. One of the recipes I’m making requires waiting 12-24 hours before proceeding with the rest of recipe so I will not be posting that recipe until tomorrow at … Continue reading Breakfast for dinner: baked French toast