Cherry pie (whole grain) pancakes – it’s what’s for brinner!

Raise of hands – how many of you are brinner lovers aka breakfast for dinner lovers? Ironically, despite being a dietitian, my meals are generally all over the place. I’ve been to known to make black bean brownies for the sole purpose of eating them for breakfast (and yes, this has happened on multiple occasions). I tend to not like breakfast foods for breakfast and … Continue reading Cherry pie (whole grain) pancakes – it’s what’s for brinner!

Quinoa pizza bites

  I am a huge pizza lover so I decided to try something that would satisfy my pizza craving while still being relatively healthy. And so I give you these pizza inspired quinoa bites. Quinoa mixed with tomatoes and some seasonings then stuffed with delicious cheese! These are a great option if you’re looking for a higher protein pizza option 🙂 Quinoa pizza bites – … Continue reading Quinoa pizza bites

Homemade hot pockets

I received a request from a friend to attempt hot pockets. Well, ask and you shall receive. I chose to make a few different variations: – broccoli and cheddar – monterey jack with broccoli – medium cheddar + monterey jack – medium cheddar + pepperjack with chicken – pepperjack with chicken In the end, I think the pepperjack with chicken was my favorite variation because … Continue reading Homemade hot pockets

Cherry Bomb pie

If you haven’t guessed yet, I love dessert. And breakfast foods. Even better, I like dessert type foods that I can eat for breakfast. This pie falls into that category. It is made with wholesome, healthy ingredients so you can eat this pie for breakfast! Or dinner. Or actually eat it for dessert. The point is that it’s healthy so you can eat it whenever … Continue reading Cherry Bomb pie

Coconut and goji berry bliss balls

I am a snacker. I tend to graze all day as opposed to eat meals. So it is imperative that I always have easy to grab (healthy) snacks.I was inspired to make these after I picked up these ‘goji maca snakaroons’ by Laughing Giraffe Organics. They were absolutely delicious. And after glancing at the ingredients list, I realized I had most of the ingredients for … Continue reading Coconut and goji berry bliss balls

Chai Green tea pancakes with vanilla chai filling

It’s Sunday Funday so you know what that means? Ok, maybe you don’t. It’s time for a pancake post. And holy pancakes do I have a yummy recipe for you today. This is probably one of my favorite flavor combinations I have ever made for pancakes. If you like chai and spice, then you will love these pancakes. They are the perfect amount of spice … Continue reading Chai Green tea pancakes with vanilla chai filling

10 minute mini pizza bites

I have been sitting on this recipe for about 2 weeks now (recipe uploads were a little delayed due to my product reviews and giveaways a couple weeks ago). I could not wait any longer to share this recipe so I give you: Mini pizza bites! These are the perfect little snack for when you’re craving pizza but don’t want to break the nutritional bank. … Continue reading 10 minute mini pizza bites