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**JUST RELEASED** F00dventures: 5 minute donuts

I am so excited to release my 4th recipe ebook which is all about donuts! I have a huge love for donuts which is why I have created this ebook dedicated to just DONUTS! In this ebook you will find my instagram famous 5 minute pumpkin spice donut recipe which was the recipe that ultimately brought this ebook to life. Also included are glazed donut recipes, jelly filled donut recipes, and cream filled donut recipes for a total of 22 donut recipes! And since the base recipe is vegan and has the option to be made gluten free, many of the recipes in this ebook can also be made vegan and/or gluten free!

And did I mention this recipe ebook is also FREE?! That’s right! My gift to all of my loyal, faithful followers!

Ebook can be downloaded here: click me

donut ebook cover2

**NEW** F00dventures: volume 2 recipe ebook

I am so excited to bring you guys my latest project I’ve been working on – the second volume to my first ebook! My first ebook was released Summer of 2014 and it was a collection of 40 of my favorite recipes and my most popular recipes posted on instagram as well a couple never before seen recipes. I have since come out with a ton of new recipes and wanted to showcase them in another ebook. So this ebook is volume 2 of my favorite and most popular recipes. This ebook has 42 recipes broken down into 4 categories: my highly requested homemade caramel recipes, breakfast and dessert recipes, savory recipes, and 5 minute recipes. I have also included a healthy grocery list and “my picks” of the types of ingredients and foods I like to stock up on at the grocery store.

f00dventures vol 2 cover2So what kind of recipes will you find in this ebook? Many of them have the option to be made gluten free and vegan and I have tried to offer subs whenever possible. Examples of some of the recipes you will find in this ebook include:

Pumpkin spice french toast sticks (one of my most popular recipes)
Reese’s inspired waffles
Peanut butter cream filled raweos
Chocolate (sweet potato brownie batter)
Healthified (protein) cake pops
Quest cookie dough batter
PB&J inspired cheesecake w/raspberry coulis
Black bean chocolate truffles
Personal pan pizza
Oven baked cheesy garlic zucchini “fries”

and a collection of my 5 minute recipes including;
cinnamon rolls
and even churros!

Ebook can be purchased at this link: click me

F00dventures: recipe ebook

I am a Registered Dietitian with a passion for baking, cooking, and eating. I have worked hard to develop sinfully decadent recipes without breaking the nutritional bank. So this is a collection of 40 of my most popular and delicious breakfast, dessert, and snack recipes.

A few of the recipes you will find in this ebook include:

– snickers bites
– grilled banana split sandwich
– pineapple upside down cake
– black and white cookie dough ice cream (mug)cake
– (vegan) mini protein triple berry pie

Reviews from customers who bought this ebook:

“OMG I am in love with F00dventures’ ebook! It is full of such amazing recipes and so many delicious looking treats. Her recipes even earned the stamp of approval from my carnivorous husband” –  instagram review from @Findingmypeace aka Jessica

“Everything looks so good! And I’m having lots of fun making them [recipes]. You should definitely make another [ebook]”

“My husband took one bite of the peanut butter stuffed chocolate banana mugcake and said ‘holy s*** I’m eating God’s food” – instagram review

“She is a genius” – instagram review

“My goal: make every single recipe in F00dventures ebook” – instagram review from @hungrygirl325 aka Hana

My ebook is now available to purchase at this link: click me

ebook cover 7

F00dventures: Dairy free/vegan recipe ebook

I have teamed up with SO Delicious Dairy free to bring you a smaller collection of completely dairy free and vegan recipes using SO Delicious products. Even better? They are taste tested by kids making these recipes not only healthy but also kid approved.

f00dventures recipe ebook 2 cover
A few of the recipes you will find in this ebook include:

– German chocolate single serve mugcake
– Blueberry pancakes
– Mini (protein) caramel apple pie
– Cake batter ice cream
– Frozen german chocolate bites

My ebook is now available to purchase at this link: click me

8 Comments Add yours

  1. bethany says:

    Hi what’s kind of recipes are in there? Are they healthy and single serve?


    1. f00dventures says:

      Hi there! Yes, the recipes in my book are healthier breakfasts, desserts, and snacks. Most of the recipes are single serve but there are some that make more than one serving! Thank you for your inquiry


  2. Kim says:

    Hi girl! This is Kim, I used to blog over at applebutterharmony but have since started a new blog. I came across your blopg again and I just wanted to say CONGRATS on your ebook!! I’m going to have to get a copy. I hope you have been doing well! Can’t wait to catch up on your blog posts 🙂


    1. f00dventures says:

      Hi Kim,

      So sorry for the late response! I was out of town last week so I didn’t spend much time on my blog.

      Thank you so much for the congrats! I have been doing pretty well. Collaborating with a bunch of different companies and I’ve been an ambassador for several companies on instagram. I hope you’ve been doing well, also! i perused your new blog! looks like you’ve had a ton going on! no wonder you took a break from blogging lol can’t wait to catch up on your blog, either!


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