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Smoothie basics 101 – how to build a better smoothie

I have been on a huge smoothie kick this year which inspired me to do this post for you guys today! Smoothies can quickly become huge sugar and calorie bombs which kind of defeats the purpose of them. They are supposed to be a healthier option, not break the nutrition bank. Like these smoothies that I made way back when I was trying to be … Continue reading Smoothie basics 101 – how to build a better smoothie

Product review: The Chia Co.

      Welcome to the second to last day of my product review and giveaway event. If you’re new to the event, I have been reviewing products all week and currently have 3 giveaways – there will be 1 last product review and giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned. Links to all of my current giveaways are below and they all have options for daily … Continue reading Product review: The Chia Co.

Tropical Pineapple oat smoothie

Since I’ve been working, I’ve been finding that smoothies have been a great pick-me-up once I get home. Especially since I’ve taken to working out the 30 minutes before I go to work. By the time i get home, im pretty pooped. So smoothies are a great way to get some nutrients into my body after being on my feet for 6+ hours. I’ve been … Continue reading Tropical Pineapple oat smoothie

Pineapple-orange (green) smoothie

So I’m the type of girl who Believes you should go big or go home. When I make a smoothie, I want it to be bursting with fruits and nutrients and antioxidants. So when I found this recipe for a tropical smoothie, I decided to add just a few “extras”. The picture above is both versions of the smoothie. The smoothie on the left is … Continue reading Pineapple-orange (green) smoothie