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Apple rhubarb (microwave) cobbler

Happy (almost) June! If you guys have been following me on twitter or facebook you’ll know I was out of town all last week visiting my parents for my birthday. Was such a great visit full of delicious food and family bonding time. Fun fact about my parents’ place: they live near a bunch of fruit farms so their freezer is always stocked with delicious … Continue reading Apple rhubarb (microwave) cobbler

Strawberry yogurt french toast

So I woke up this morning and was struck by inspiration. I decided to take my french toast to the next level and make strawberry french toast for Edward.  We were running low on his usual go-to breakfast (cheerios) so I thought it would be nice to make him breakfast in bed. For some reason strawberries kept calling out to me so I thought why … Continue reading Strawberry yogurt french toast

Sweet potato fruit dip

Last year I wouldn’t go near sweet potatoes. Now? Now, i have to have a bag of sweet potatoes at all times plus a couple baked up and ready to go so I always have a stash ready to add to baking/cooking. I love to use them in baking and cooking. They are so versatile and so easy to add to multiple kinds of recipes. … Continue reading Sweet potato fruit dip

Sweet potato baked oatmeal with raspberry filling

I was very proud of this creation. I originally posted it as a pretty creation on instagram but when I received a few requests for the recipe, I decided to upload it. This sweet potato was used to help moisten the oatmeal but it also brings a little extra flavor as well. In addition, it also provides some extra nutrient-goodness like vitamin A and potassium. … Continue reading Sweet potato baked oatmeal with raspberry filling

Raw triple berry cheesecake

I have seen this raw, vegan berry cheesecake floating around on the interwebs and instagram so I had to try it for myself. I was especially inspired to try this when a friend of mine uploaded her key lime version on instagram. Most of the raw, vegan recipes I have seen utilize expensive ingredients like cashew butters and coconut oils which are ingredients I don’t … Continue reading Raw triple berry cheesecake

Blueberry banana oat bars

These bars are full of wholesome goodness. They contain nothing but natural, wholesome ingredients and NO added sugars. The only sugars are natural sugars from the yogurt and fruit. Don’t be afraid of the stranger ingredients like the butternut squash or the avocado or even the barley. The avocado provides healthy fats, it’s used to replace the butter that I originally used in this recipe. … Continue reading Blueberry banana oat bars

Berry filled Whole wheat cinnamon rolls with berry yogurt icing

I think these may be my new favorite breakfast. Homemade whole wheat cinnamon rolls with a strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry filling and a berry yogurt icing. These are a great healthier, nutrient dense alternative to the high calorie, high sugar cinnamon rolls you find at the bakery. The best part? All of the ingredients are most likely things you already have in your pantry/refrigerator. … Continue reading Berry filled Whole wheat cinnamon rolls with berry yogurt icing