Rainbow cinnamon rolls three ways – rainbow filled, rainbow dough, and rainbow tie-dye!

So awhile ago I had this idea to make rainbow cinnamon rolls. However I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to pull it off. Did I want rainbow dough? Rainbow filling? How would I pull either one of those off? And then, alas, someone in one of the foodie groups I follow on Facebook posted a recipe for rainbow filled cinnamon rolls!

So obviously I had to try. Ultimately the recipe called for a rainbow cake mix filling. I used my vegan cinnamon roll recipe for the base then used a vegan cake mix for the filling and added superfood powders for the filling. Here’s the finished product. Not really my best work, if you ask me. But that’s sort of what this blog is for. To document my foodie adventures, both inside and outside the kitchen. This “adventure” was more of a fail but that’s okay. All part of the learning process, right?

So ultimately I feel like these came out just kinda eh. Definitely wouldn’t try this version again. So I decided to instead try making rainbow cinnamon roll dough rather than rainbow filling. So I found a really good recipe that I’ve used several times before for banana bread cinnamon rolls and just adapted it. I divided the dough into 5 parts and kneaded a superfood color into each section.

For this version I decided to keep them all separate from each other so you could clearly see each color once they were rolled up. However, I did have some technical difficulties with the different colored doughs not sticking together. Made it very difficult when it came to rolling up the dough and cutting into the cinnamon rolls.

So while you can see each color, I felt like they were sort of a pain to execute. So last attempt, I tried doing rainbow tie dye cinnamon rolls. I followed the same recipe that I used for the last batch of rainbow cinnamon rolls but I did add some pumpkin purée and pumpkin spice because I was feeling very fall-esque lol So this time I kneaded the colors together and let them rise together so they would form one cohesive dough. This was definitely the way to go. They came out so psychedelic and beautiful! These were definitely my favorite out of the 3 versions I tried:

I decided to switch up the topping this time around and went with a traditional cream cheese frosting. But rainbow-ified. Obviously. I used this recipe for the frosting.

These ended up being so fun to eat because it was just a random assortment of colors in every bite. I would definitely make this tie dye version again. Which rainbow cinnamon roll version was your favorite? Would you try making rainbow cinnamon rolls at home?

Share your thoughts :)

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