LEGO hogwarts castle part 2 – Harry Potter inspired food!

So in case you weren’t aware, Edward and I are pretty big Harry Potter fans. Just check out my previous Harry Potter blog posts (harry potter monopoly and lego hogwarts castle) if you need some convincing 😉 We were even planning a Harry Potter themed wedding. I made everything by hand – wands, invites, potion favors.

They’re all in storage right now and when we finally get a house I’m definitely going to dedicate a room to my Harry Potter collection where I can setup my LEGO hogwarts castle and all the wedding goodies I made. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do Harry Potter inspired foods to go with my castle. This was the main reason Edward bought this castle for me (other than the fact it was frickin awesome). He said he thought it would make an excellent backdrop for my food photography and give me some fun food inspo. And boy did it ever!

I spent an entire afternoon making Harry Potter foods and honestly this project couldnt have come at a better time. I had a ton of leftovers to use up and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them originally. And then Harry Potter inspo struck. starting with this slytherin pizza roll. This one was super easy to make. I got my hands on some pizza dough (and will do) and rolled it out to a rectangle. Filled it with a vegan meat, veggie, and cheese filling then pinched the edges together into a snake form. Rolled it over and brushed it with an egg wash I had mixed with spirulina powder. Topped with chia seeds then added eyes and a nose which i used vegan meat and red pepper for, respectively. Then baked according to the pizza dough directions.

Next up we have some hogwarts house color (superfood) pancakes.

Image result for hogwarts house colors

I tried to color coordinate them in a way so that when you cut into them they represented each house: red and gold/yellow for gryffindor, green and white for slytherin, white and gold/yellow for hufflepuff, and dark purple and white for ravenclaw. My colors weren’t an exact match but I worked with what I had lol

Next up, popsicles! Rainbow-Esque popsicles have always been on my bucket list so I decided to give those a whirl but with a Harry Potter twist. So here we have hogwarts house color fruit popsicles.

These came out so good! For these they’re kind of a random smorgasbord of pretty much every fruit and superfood powder I had on hand lol

Yellow = plain Greek yogurt, frozen mango, coconut milk, honey

Green = same as yellow but with spirulina powder added

Purple/blue = plain Greek yogurt, honey, frozen blueberries, orange juice, maqui berry powder

Red/pink = plain Greek yogurt, honey, fresh strawberries

I also attempted to make the sorting hat and dobby the elf from some leftover pizza dough. I’m actually not mad at how these turned out. Well ok dobby is a little wonky. It was hard getting his face to cooperate once the dough started to rise lol but I feel like you can still see what I was going for here. Hopefully?

And of course I had to make hagrid’s famous “happee birthdae Harry” cake. For the base I used my go to kodiak cakes chocolate mugcake recipe but quadrupled it to make the cake big enough for all of the writing. I filled it with a homemade chocolate buttercream then topped it with a strawberry rhubarb curd and a coconut caramel icing I dyed green with various superfood powders. It was stifling hot in our apartment so i had some issues with everything melting but overall I think it came out pretty good.

So butterbeer was obviously a must. This was tricky, however, because I’ve only had it once and it was in the form of butterbeer fudge.

For this I turned to the internet to find a recipe I could use because it’s kind of hard to develop a recipe when you have nothing to base it off of lol I turned to this recipe for the butterbeer which is a vegan version.

And then I spied a picture of butterbeer brownies so obviously butterbeer AND butterbeer brownies had to happen:

And then I decided to try my hand at something more savory – “leek-y” cauldron soup bowls! I “attempted” to fashion some bread bowls into cauldrons (kind of a fail but whatever lol) and made a potato leek soup to go inside. The soup came out so good though! And it was relatively easy to make! I (mostly) followed this recipe. The only things I did different was I used 2 cups vegetable broth and 2 cups water to cut down on the sodium and in place of the cream I just used regular milk because that’s what I had on hand. Would definitely make this again. Especially in the winter.

This last one is actually probably my favorite of the bunch. While I enjoyed making everything for this blog post some of them were a lot of work and chances are I’ll never make most of them again (aside from the soup…and possibly the fruit popsicles). Enter the pumpkin pasty.

It was like fall but in food form. Delicious whole-wheat pie crust filled with a pumpkin pie filling then baked until golden brown. And obviously I had to add a little lightning bolt in honor of Harry. So good! And simple enough that I would make these again. And I could even switch out the filling for something else – apple, blueberry, or even a savory filling. The possiblities!

Pie Crust recipe:

Pumpkin pasty filling recipe:

And even after all that my cat is still not impressed with my castle. #UnimpressedCat Tough crowd 🤣

2 thoughts on “LEGO hogwarts castle part 2 – Harry Potter inspired food!

  1. These all look absolutely delicious! I can’t keep my eye off the basilisk and its cute face and I know you’re not supposed to look at it. I guess you can call me absolutely (delightfully) petrified haha!

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