LEGO Harry Potter hogwarts castle – part 1

So a few weekends ago Edward bought me the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle to put together. In case you didn’t know we are pretty big harry potter fans. Years ago I made Edward his very own harry potter monopoly game for Christmas (check it out here). And back when we were planning our wedding, I had a whole harry potter theme going. I made everything by hand – harry potter wands, potion favors, invites and save the dates. The works.

So when Edward and I saw the lego hogwarts castle, we knew we needed it. Even though it was the most insane thing we had ever seen. Over 6,000 pieces. 4 direction booklets. 37 packets of parts. Plus misc parts. Edward told me he thought it would make for a fun prop in the background of my food pics and it honestly touched my heart that that’s what he thought of first. Plus he thought it would be a fun project.

And oh was it quite the project. It took me exactly 1 week, start to finish. And I wanted to document it all hence this blog post. In the end I’m really glad I decided to take pics every step of the way because there were a few times where I messed up or knocked parts over and it was super helpful having these pics to refer back to. Honestly saved my butt a few times. My original intention was to also include some fun harry potter inspired foods to go with my castle! However, this blog post ended up being a lot longer than I had anticipated so the food portion will be in the “part 2” portion of this blog post coming soon!

So let’s just jump right into it, shall we? Here’s everything all sprawled out on the bed:

Packets 1, 2, and 3

After finishing packet 4:

Packet 5 – at this point I was having erector set flashbacks from when I was a kid. Anyone else remember the erector set kits?

Packets 6 and 7

Packets 8 and 9. The amount of detail in this is really cool. The bottom pics have stained glass windows!

Packets 10, 11, and 12

Packets 13, 14, and 15

So as I was progressing with packet 15 this is when i noticed I had messed up the bottom tier of the roof on the castle. Hence the circle in the second pic up above. And not to be dramatic but I was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown at this point because it wasn’t a matter of just simply moving that tier into the correct place. No, I had to completely tear apart the roof and put it back together. And it wasn’t a simple “break down”. Oh no, lego parts are damn near impossible to tear apart once you’ve put them together so it was basically 2 hrs of me trying not to throw things across the room as I painstakingly tried to tear the roof apart then put the roof back together the right way. If I were a drinker, I would definitely have been going for the red wine at this point lol but I am happy to announce I fixed it. Ta da

and here it is with the finishing touches before moving onto the next packet of parts. It was well after 9pm by the time I finished hence the flash:

Packets 16-21:

Packets 22-27 involved building a completely new wing of the castle.

Packets 28-32

At this point I remembered this giant spider we had. Edward had bought this hoping to prank me and scare me. It didn’t scare me. Instead I named him lol But we had no idea what to do with the spider. Until now. Perfect prop for the castle lol

And at this point I stopped for some snack breaks…

Finally finishing up the last few packets…(Packets 33-37)

And finally done!

So at this point it was basically done. However, Edward did buy me an extra prop set to go with it (Aragog’s lair) so here’s what came with that set:

and now she’s done! I was so proud I obviously had to get a couple pics with it

And now what you’ve all been waiting for…the up close and personal shots of the finished product. Don’t worry, I took about 500 pics so I’ve got you covered 😉

So as mentioned in the beginning of this post, the harry potter inspired food portion will be its own separate blog post (part 2). I will be sure to link it here once it is uploaded.

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