4th of July roundup: patriotic cobbler, cheesecake, and cheesecake brownies – oh my!

Last year I did a similar blog post featuring some of my fave patriotic creations. You can check that out here. This year, let’s talk cobbler and cheesecake. And cheesecake brownies. All 3 recipes will be at the very end of this blog post so feel free to jump to the end and skip my mumbo jumbo in the middle 🀣

Not to play favorites but the mini cobbler is hands down one of my fave recipes I’ve ever come up with. It is basically a mugcake but…cobbler. It’s perfect for those times when you are craving cobbler but don’t want to go through the hassle of making an entire cobbler and then having to wait for it to bake. Especially with this heat wave we’ve been having lately. And the best part? It is made in the microwave so it takes less than 10 minutes start to finish.

If you’re not feeling the cobbler here’s another microwave creation for ya – patriotic cheesecake! Again, this is a mini version so you can satisfy that craving without going through the trouble of making or buying an entire cheesecake. If you follow me on Instagram you may remember I went through a microwave cheesecake phase. And made just about every flavor combo under the sun. Chocolate, rainbow, strawberry, blueberry, matcha zebra style. And now I can add patriotic to the list.

Last up we have…not a microwave creation lol I finally got over my microwave cheesecake obsession and really got into cheesecake brownies. So this is a patriotic superfood version that is made into individual brownie bites so you can grab and go. I used a mix of freeze dried strawberries, beet powder, and maqui berry powder to add flavor and color. Enjoy these pics of them in their natural habitat.

Are you making or enjoying any patriotic treats for 4th of July? Any fun plans for the holiday? I fully intend on binging stranger things the minute it comes on Netflix so you can prob find me on the couch come 4th of July lol

Patriotic microwave berry cobbler

⁃ 1/2 cup fresh strawberries, sliced

⁃ Splash lemon juice

⁃ 1 tbsp cornstarch

⁃ Pinch sugar 2.0 (or regular sugar)

⁃ 1/3 cup frozen blueberries

⁃ Splash lemon juice

⁃ 1 tsp cornstarch

⁃ Pinch sugar 2.0 (or regular sugar)

⁃ 6 tbsp @kodiakcakes buttermilk pancake mix

⁃ 1 tbsp butter

⁃ 1 tbsp cold water

⁃ Optional pinch sugar

In a bowl, mix strawberries with lemon juice, sugar, and cornstarch then place in an oiled microwave safe dish, saving space in the upper left corner for the blueberries. In the same bowl you prepped the strawberries, mix frozen blueberries with lemon juice, cornstarch, and sugar then spoon into the empty space in the microwave safe dish. Rinse bowl you prepped the fruit in then add kodiak cakes mix, sugar (if using), and butter. Use a fork to work the butter into the kodiak cakes mix until a dough starts to form. Add 1 tbsp cold water to bring it all together. For the Stars and Stripes I divided the dough into about 6 pieces. For 4 of the pieces I rolled them into the stripes. With the remaining dough I cut out stars to place over the blueberries. Once you are finished putting it all together, microwave for about 2 to 2 1/2 minutes then let cool and enjoy.

Red white and blue microwave cheesecake – makes 1 mini


⁃ 4 tbsp cream cheese, softened (I use the tofutti brand)

⁃ 2 tbsp plain kefir or plain Greek yogurt

⁃ 1 egg

⁃ 1 tsp coconut sugar (or to taste)

⁃ @mrm_usa beet powder

⁃ Maqui berry powder


⁃ 4 tbsp crumbled graham crackers

⁃ 1 tbsp butter

β€’ For the cheesecake: Grease (very well) the inside of a microwave-safe mug (both interior sides and bottom). Mix graham cracker crumbs with melted butter. Press down with your hands so the graham cracker crumbs form a crust at bottom of mug.

β€’ In a small bowl, whisk egg. Then add softened cream cheese, kefir or yogurt, and sugar. Using a small whisk, mix until batter is smooth. Divide batter between 3 bowls (about 3 tbsp batter per bowl). Add a tsp or two of beet powder to one bowl and a tsp or two of maqui berry to another bowl. Mix well until colors are incorporated.

β€’ Add a spoonful of the maqui berry batter to the center of the mug, then a spoonful of plain batter on top, then beet powder batter to the center of that. Repeat until all batters are used up.

β€’ Cover top of mug with a paper towel or napkin and microwave for 1 minute.Β  Cheesecake should be mostly cooked except center. Pause to check on it, then microwave for another 20 seconds. Stop again, and microwave for another 20 seconds. Then microwave for one final round of 20 seconds. Cake should be completely cooked. You don’t want to microwave the entire amount at once because the batter may overheat and splatter in the microwave.

β€’ let cheesecake cool then carefully remove from mug. Once completely cool, place in fridge to set for at least an hour. Top with desired toppings and enjoy.






strawberry cheesecake patriotic Brownies – makes 4


β€’ 3 large egg yolks (discard or save the egg whites for another recipe)

β€’ 3 tablespoon whole milk can sub another milk or use water

β€’ 1 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil

β€’ 2 tablespoons brown sugar lightly packed (or you can sub in monk fruit)

β€’ 6 tablespoons cocoa powder (for a deep, rich chocolate flavor sub in special dark baking cocoa)

β€’ 3 tablespoon white whole wheat flour

β€’ 1/8 teaspoon salt

β€’ 1 tbsp baking powder

β€’ Couple tablespoons dark or milk chocolate chips

Cheesecake layer

⁃ 6 oz softened cream cheese (or to lighten it up you can do an even split of 3 tbsp cream cheese + 3 tbsp plain Greek yogurt)

⁃ 1 egg

⁃ 1 tbsp brown sugar

⁃ 1 tbsp freeze dried strawberries blended into a powder (blend freeze dried strawberries into a fine powder and measure out 1 tbsp)

⁃ 1 tsp beet powder

⁃ 1 tsp maqui berry powder

Preheat oven to 350 degree f. In a bowl combine all ingredients to make brownie batter. Set aside. In another bowl cream the cream cheese with egg and sugar. Divide cream cheese mixture into 3 bowls. Stir in strawberry powder and beet powder into one bowl. Leave one bowl plain. And stir maqui berry powder into the third bowl. Oil 3-4 small ramekins or a small oven safe dish and distribute brownie batter evenly. Add dollops of the cream cheese mixtures to the brownie batter. Bake for about 12-15 minutes or until cream cheese is mostly cooked then let cool completely. Enjoy

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