National unicorn day: Unicorn rainbow poop (kodiak cakes) sugar cookies + bonus cinnamon roll sugar cookies

So I’ve been on a huge rainbow and unicorn kick lately, if you hadn’t noticed. As well as a kodiak cakes kick (especially since kodiak cakes has been kind enough to send me boxes of goodies to play around with every few weeks). After the rainbow sugar cookies I made last year turned out so well I had to try a unicorn poop 💩 cookie. Obviously 😂


So today I present to you, the unicorn rainbow poop sugar cookie! So I know these will probably gross out some people but I’m here to have fun and share my baking projects with you. And that includes unicorn poop cookies, apparently lol

Like the rainbow sugar cookies I previously made, I used the same kodiak cakes sugar cookie base (recipe here). And once again, instead of using the 1/2 cup butter the recipe called for, I used a mix of 1/4 cup avocado and 1/4 cup butter. I creamed everything together according to the directions, added the kodiak cakes mix, and then split the dough into 5 equal pieces to add my superfood powders for the colors. Ok originally I split the dough into 6 equal pieces but one of my colors didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to so I ended up using only 5 colors for my rainbow poop. I did end up using that extra colored dough for another project though which you will see at the end of this post 😉 #TeamNoFoodWaste

Ok back to the dough. Once I split it into its equal pieces, I added superfood powders for my colors. Beet powder for red, turmeric + beet for orange, turmeric for yellow, spirulina for Green, and maqui berry for purple. Worked each powder really well into the dough to desired vibrancy. After adding the superfood powder to the dough, I found it was best to wrap the dough up in cling wrap to prevent it from drying out while working with the remaining dough.

Now this is the fun part. Putting it all together. Unwrap one of the colored doughs. Roll out into a log. Cut into 6 equal pieces then roll each piece into a ball and set aside on a cookie tray. Repeat with each color. Now starting with the red, take one dough ball and roll it out into a thin rope. Repeat with orange, yellow, green, and purple. Line up the purple, green, and yellow ropes together then place the red and orange ropes on top so you have a little rainbow pyramid, as it were. Gently roll all of the ropes just until they come together. Take one end of the rope and gently twist toward you. Then take the other end of the rope and gently twist away from you. Roll out again then wrap the rope around into a poop emoji shape. Set back on your cookie tray and repeat the process with the remaining dough balls. I referred to Rosanna pasinnos YouTube video on how to put these together but I did not chill or freeze my dough because I was afraid it would become too dry and hard to work with. I found for this recipe, it was best to work with the dough when it was at room temp. Once all of my poop cookies were made, I baked them at 375 degree f for about 10 minutes.

So you may recall I mentioned originally attempting to use 6 colors but only used 5 in the end? I added dragonfruit powder to one of the dough pieces but felt like it didn’t quite “go” with the other colors. So in an attempt not to waste it, I used it to make dragonfruit cinnamon roll cookies. To make, I rolled the dough out into a rectangular shape (like you would for cinnamon rolls). Added a dollop of butter and brown sugar then rolled the dough into a log, used a serrated knife to cut into cinnamon rolls, and baked along with the poop cookies.

Are you a fan of the unicorn/rainbow trend? Would you try these cookies? 


3 thoughts on “National unicorn day: Unicorn rainbow poop (kodiak cakes) sugar cookies + bonus cinnamon roll sugar cookies

  1. These turned out great. I love that you used superfood powders to color the dough. Also great that you used up the dough that didn’t work out color wise in another recipe. I think my son would get a kick out of making cookies like this.

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    1. Thank you so much! I actually had a lot of fun making these. And would definitely make them again. You could easily switch up the color palette for your son too if you wanted his favorite colors instead of rainbow. I also did a mermaid version using greens and blues and purples and they came out really well, too.


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