Orange red velvet waffles + red velvet cake: a history #WaffleWednesday

So if you guys follow me on twitter you already saw this but I applied for a job at a another local bakery. Ideally I would like to work there in addition to the bread bakery I already work at. My fiancé is actually the one that encouraged me to apply. He saw the job posting with the little tear offs with contact info. But rather than just tear off one he just took the whole sheet so no one else could apply 😂 He knows I’m really passionate about baking so he thought this was right up my alley. I admit I sat on this for awhile and didn’t apply right away. I’m not technically qualified for the position as it entails pastry and cake baking skills that I don’t really have right now. But I really want to expand my skill set and learn as I feel I have a knack for this type of stuff. So I’m hoping they give me a chance because honestly look at some of the goodies they make:

Ok anyway, let’s move on to today’s fun recipe: red velvet waffles! Or more specifically, orange red velvet waffles! I have one of my twitter friends to thank for this flavor combo inspiration. What’s funny is that I had just made regular red velvet style waffles a few days ago. Observe them in their natural habitat:

Then out of the blue I met this fellow foodie and we got to talking about, you guessed it, food. And out of nowhere he mentioned the orange red velvet flavor combo. And I knew that I had to try it. And I am so glad I did because this flavor combo is delicious!

Now I know some people are not huge red velvet fans. But I’m going to guess that most of the red velvet cakes that you guys have had have been made wrong. Red velvet is not simply cake that has red food dye added to it. Well, modern versions do but that’s not what red velvet is supposed to be. Traditional red velvet cake is made with cocoa power, buttermilk, and vinegar. The chemical reaction between these ingredients is what causes a sort of red color to form in the cake hence the “red” part of red velvet. The velvet part is due to the light, velvety texture of the cake. So when you put it all together you get red cake + light, velvety texture = red velvet cake. But then what really sets it apart is that signature cream cheese frosting. All of this together makes red velvet cake a really unique, tasty cake. So I applied these same concepts to my waffles by subbing buttermilk in place of the milk, adding a cream cheese/greek yogurt filling, and adding beet powder to give them a natural, reddish hue. Enough talk, let’s just look at some pics, shall we?

These waffles came out so fluffy and airy. I may never make waffles any other way from now on. If you aren’t brave enough to try the orange red velvet flavor combo right off the bad I have also added in options for keeping the waffles strictly red velvet.

Would you try this flavor combo? Are you a red velvet fan? Let me know in the comments!

Orange Red velvet waffles

For the waffles

⁃ 3/4 cup milk

⁃ 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

⁃ 1/4 cup orange juice*

⁃ 1 egg

⁃ 2 tbsp cocoa powder

⁃ 1 tbsp beet powder

⁃ 1 cup chocolate chip @kodiakcakes pancake mix

⁃ 1 tbsp olive oil

⁃ Zest from one clementine*

For the filling

⁃ 2 tbsp softened cream cheese

⁃ 3 tbsp plain green yogurt

⁃ Splash milk

⁃ 2 tsp brown sugar

  • If you prefer to just made regular red velvet waffles, leave out the 1/4 cup orange juice and zest and add 1/4 cup buttermilk in its place

In a bowl, combine vinegar and milk and let sit for 10 minutes. In another bowl combine pancake mix and cocoa powder. Stir beet powder into the milk mixture then add the oil, orange juice, zest, and egg. Add to the pancake and cocoa powder mixture. Stir well or blend if need be so the mixture is smooth. Spray waffle maker then add batter and cook according to waffle maker directions. Once cooked, let cool. For the filing, mix all ingredients then layer between two waffles and enjoy.

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