Jazz up your toast for #ToastTuesday! featuring emoji, cartoon, rainbow, and holiday inspired!

Happy Toast Tuesday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. I kind of gave myself a mild concussion soooo…that happened. We were hit by a snowstorm over here in Michigan and in my haste to brush the snow off my jeep I smacked my head on my car which resulted in a severe migraine that lasted all weekend. I, at first, didn’t connect the dots and just thought I had a caffeine headache. But as the day went on, my migraine just got worse and worse and it lasted the entire weekend. It wasn’t all bad though. It gave me the chance to really take some time for myself and binge breaking bad for the umpteenth time so, I mean, it could have been worse.

Anyway, today I wanted to share more of a fun post featuring some fun toast tuesday creations. I got really into toast tuesday last year which you may remember from my first toast tuesday inspo post (you can check out here). And then I kinda just REALLY got into Toast Tuesday and came up with all the fun toast tuesday creations in today’s post. So let’s talk toast!

Let’s start with one of my all time faves! This rainbow emoji inspired toast! Last summer there was a fun little game going around where you posted your most used emojis. And of course I had to take it to the next level and just make mine into toast. I just used plain greek yogurt mixed with various superfood powders for the base then topped with various fruits and other toppings:

Which brings me to this other rainbow-esque toast I made. Superfood rainbow hummus toast! If you couldn’t tell, I’m a pretty colorful person and for me my hummus was just way too boring and colorless so I decided to give it a makeover and add superfood powders. Really fun way to make snack time more fun. This would also be a fun way to introduce hummus to kids.

rainbow hummus toast1

rainbow hummus toast2

Next up, my famous “vote” toast. I work in a bread bakery so I used our bread for the base. I’m also the social media coordinator for the bakery so I used this as a fun way to spread the word about the importance of voting. It’s actually one of our top liked posts thus far:

vote toast

Here’s another one I made specifically for work – 4th of July patriotic toast! This one is super simple to make – plain greek yogurt mixed with a little honey for some added sweetness then topped with blueberries and strawberries! Kind of like a parfait but in toast form, what’s not to love?

patriotic toast

and here’s another holiday inspired one  – halloween themed! These ones I had to get extra creative with. I again used plain greek yogurt for the base with superfood powders but I had to get really creative with that spider web one. I didn’t have anything that looked like spiders so if I remember correctly I ended up using tomato vines as the spiders. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do lol Which one is your fave?


And now we’re really getting into some of my faves. The rest are all cartoon/movie character inspired. First up, this random collection of characters. They’re kind of some of my fave characters that I just forced into a family together lol Hello Kitty obviously had to be in there but I’m also a fan of snoopy, dave the minion, and owls so…sure let’s just make them into a family and call it a day lol

And then I started to delve into other characters…

And then I finally just put the winnie the pooh gang together. I loved making these ones. I did have to make them in stages and freeze them as I went which is why they showed up in so many other toast tuesday pics. They were a lot of work and I ended up not having all of the ingredients to make them all in one sitting. I didn’t mind freezing them though because I honestly couldn’t bring myself to eat them lol Sometimes there is such a thing as “too cute to eat”.

Next I decided to try some animals just because at this point I had run out of ideas for other characters to do. My original plan had been to do a new toast tuesday creation every week but it was way too hard to keep up with that lol

And then inspo struck and I made what I lovingly call my avocado toast gang. I absolutely love the yoshi one!

ok and this last one technically isn’t toast but I had to include it because how adorable are these little ice cream waffles? I totally made this on a whim and it is still one of my fave waffle creations. I just added superfood powders to some greek yogurt.  Stupid simple but sometimes simple is best, am I right? This would also be a really fun and simple way to jazz up breakfast for kids! If you don’t have superfood powders just blend fruit into greek yogurt for your toppings instead!


Question of the day: Do you partake in Toast Tuesday (or any other fun foodie designated days i.e. waffle wednesday, meatless monday, etc)?



11 thoughts on “Jazz up your toast for #ToastTuesday! featuring emoji, cartoon, rainbow, and holiday inspired!

  1. Oh my, these all look stunning. It just goes to show that your breakfast doesn’t always have to be bland and boring, and you can, in fact, add some colour and creativity to your toast. Thank you for this, I will attempt some for my morning breakfast. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, exactly! As a dietitian, I try to inspire people to add some color to their meals to not only make it more “fun” but also for the health benefits. Eat the rainbow! We do eat with our eyes first so why not make meal time more colorful and fun, right 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. All these toasts are so cute! You did a great job!
    My daughter would love any of the toasts with faces, so I should try making her one!
    I don’t have any particular food days I follow, but every now & then I’ll have Smørrebrød Sunday where I make fancy looking rugbrød slices for lunch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much! I tried my best! Some of them were extra tricky. I remember saving the yoshi one for months in the freezer because I couldn’t bear to part with him lol ohhhh your smorrebrod Sunday sounds nice! If you’re on ig, Tag me if you ever upload a pic of it! Would love to see. My ig name is also F00dventures 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. aw thank you so much! the rainbow ones were def my fave, as well! if you decide to jazz up your toast, be sure to tag me if you ever post them! my ig is f00dventures and my twitter is f00dventuresRD! i would love to see what you come up wtih 🙂


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