Christmas tree scones and fun ways to jazz up those Christmas cookies!

So National Cookie Day was the other week and I told you guys over on my facebook page and ig that I was doing a full on blog post full of fun cookie ideas! I have nothing clever to say other than here it is lol

So not a cookie, per-se, but one of my fave ideas for this year:

Christmas tree scones

I used matcha powder to give these a natural green color, dates for the tree trunks and melted chocolate and sprinkles for the decorations. You can really apply this idea to any scone recipe but I have included the exact recipe for these babies at the end of this post! Scroll all the way to the bottom for the recipe!

Next up: Cinnamon roll style cookies! 

These are super easy to make! I used my go-to kodiak cakes sugar cookie base which you can find here. I added beet root powder to the dough to give it a fun, “holiday-ish” vibe but that is totally optional. To make into cinnamon roll style cookies: roll out dough into a rectangle as large as you can get it without the dough tearing. Spread some butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon on top and mix  for the filling. Roll into a log then use a serrated knife to cut off pieces of dough, place on cookie tray, and bake. voila! This is also a good way to use up extra dough if you don’t have enough left for your regular sugar cookies. Just roll out whatever dough you have and turn into mini cinnamon roll cookies!

And to kind of play off of that, here’s another fun version but just a multi color swirl cookie! I used Kodiak cakes cinnamon oat mix for the sugar cookie base. Divided dough in half. Added dragonfruit and maqui berry powder for the purple color. Rolled out both halves of dough into large rectangles, laid the purple dough on top of the plain dough, then rolled into a log. Used a serrated knife to once again cut off pieces of the log then baked!

Next up, one of my faves: Candy cane sugar cookies!

I once again used the kodiak cakes sugar cookie recipe posted above ^^. To make: divide dough in half. Keep one half as is and add beet powder to the other half for the red. To make into candy canes, pinch off 1 tsp of each dough. Roll into a 4in long rope. Gently press both ropes together then twist around each other and form into a candy cane shape. Bake and enjoy! Careful handling these guys though once they are baked because I found out the hard way that the tops can break off pretty easily. I may or may not have decapitated a few of these bad boys.

Next up: gingerbread ninja men!

Ok, seriously how cute are these? So this recipe does involve a special piece of “equipment”. Ninja gingerbread men cookie cutters. I bought mine at the store years ago but you can find the same ones I bought on amazon here. These were so fun to make! And I remember my friend and I used these when I first bought them and it was such a fun way to spend the afternoon.

next up: brownie thumbprint cookies with cranberry curd!

I kinda made these on a whim during a self care Sunday but they came out so well that I had to include them in this post. I used the brownie cookie recipe from chocolate covered Katie’s website here and I just indented the cookies after they were done baking. Then I filled them with my homemade cranberry curd (recipe at the bottom of this post here). Super easy to make, super delicious, and a super fun way to jazz up your holiday cookies!

Last up: Star Christmas trees sugar cookies!

I, once again, used the kodiak cakes sugar cookie recipe posted above. A big “thank you” to my coworker for lending me his star shaped cookie cutters so I could live out my christmas cookie fantasies lol I filled these with a matcha and greek yogurt cream cheese filling. Of all of the cookie recipes I made this year, I think this was my favorite, flavor wise. The matcha cream cheese filling was just so good sandwiched between the cookies. I will definitely add these into my regular rotation of Christmas cookies.

Before you go, what is your favorite Christmas cookie? Let me know in the comments below!

Matcha Christmas tree scones – makes 8


– 1 cup white whole wheat flour

⁃ 1/2 cup @kodiakcakes buttermilk pancake mix

– 2 tbsp matcha powder

– 2 tbsp cold butter, cut into small pieces

– 5.3 oz plain Greek yogurt

– 3 tbsp pure honey


⁃ 8 date halves for the tree trunks

⁃ Melted chocolate chips

⁃ Sprinkles

Preheat oven to 425 degrees f and spray a cookie sheet. In a food processor combine flour, kodiak cakes, matcha, and butter and blend until mixture is crumbly. Add in yogurt and honey and blend again until a dough forms. Form dough into a flat circle and cut into 8 equal pieces. Spread each scone out a little so they aren’t touching then bake for about 12 minutes. Check towards the end so they don’t burn on the bottom. Let cool. Once cool, add dates for tree trunks then drizzle with chocolate and top with sprinkles. Enjoy.

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15 thoughts on “Christmas tree scones and fun ways to jazz up those Christmas cookies!

  1. I seriously love seeing people’s Christmas baking skills come out. I loved the gingerbread men ninja cookies so so much! As an absolutely awful baker, i feel like that’s still something I could get involved with, maybe just with decorating them haha. Loved the creativity in this!x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same! I love seeing all the baking projects this time of year! Especially the gingerbread houses. There are some seriously talented people out there. Last week I saw someone make snow globe sugar cupcakes. They used gelatin to make the globes and they actually looked like real snow globes. That’s my project for next year but a vegan version, if it’s even possible. and you can def still get involved! It’s never too late to learn a new skill 😊 the sugar cookie trees were really easy to make! I feel like those would be a good project for you 😉


    1. Aw thank you so much! As a previous healthcare worker, I definitely understand where you’re coming from with lack of time. I’m so glad my current job allows me more free time so I can get my baking projects in. I do have some microwave recipes though if ovens aren’t your thing. I hate using my oven so I like to use my microwave a lot lol just keep an eye out on twitter for more of those recipes 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much! I actually made those scones way back in October and I’ve been waiting to share them lol the ninja men are one of my faves! They came out so funny! But the stacked Christmas tree cookies are prob my fave! The combo of flavors was so good. Will def be making those again.

      Liked by 1 person

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