Product review featuring Rule breakers (chickpeas based) snack bars

Hello friends and welcome to another review! Today we have rule breaker snack bars! I first heard about these bars about a year ago and have been intrigued by them ever since. These blondies are made with a chickpea base and they are vegan as well as free of gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy. They also come in 4 flavors; p’nutter chocolate chip, chocolate chunk blondie (which is like a cookie dough), deep chocolate brownie, and birthday cake!

Ok, first up:

P’nutter chocolate chip

⁃ Flavor: Nice mix of sweet and salty (perfect for a certain time of the month, ladies *wink wink*). Can’t taste the garbanzo beans but the no-nut butter has an interesting flavor. The ingredients say the no-nut butter is made from yellow peas and I could pick up on a little bit of that flavor. Still really enjoyed this bar though and would likely purchase if I saw it at the store.

⁃ Texture: dense with chocolate chips and I think white chocolate chips scattered throughout.

⁃ Nutrition: 240 cal, 10g total fat (4.5g saturated), 33g total carbs (3g fiber, 13g sugar – 7g of which are added), 3g protein

Next up:

Deep chocolate brownie

–  Flavor: they aren’t kidding with the deep chocolate name. This has such a rich, deep delicious chocolate flavor. Loved this one!

⁃ Texture: So our apartment is like a sauna so I opted to keep the rest of my bars in the fridge. And best decision ever! The texture became dense and chewy but in a really enjoyable way. Would definitely purchase again and again.

⁃ nutrition: 230 cal, 11g total fat (6g saturated), 31g total carbs (5g fiber, 11g sugar – 4g of which are added sugar), 3g protein

Next we have:


Chocolate chunk

– Flavor: delicious cookie dough goodness! loved loved loved this one. would Def purchase.

-Texture: Again, as mentioned above I stored the rest of the flavors in the fridge and doing so turned this into a cookie dough consistency. Loved this one so much that I ended up purchasing a box.

-nutrition: 240 cal, total fat 11g (6g saturated), total carbs 32g (4g fiber, 11g sugar – 4g of which are added sugar), 3g protein

And last but not least:

Birthday cake

-Flavor: exactly how I expected it to taste – like a birthday cake blondie. It was a little on the sweet side for me so I ended up using it as a topper for pancakes to spread out the flavor and sweetness (pictured below).

-Texture: I really loved the texture of these bars after being stored in the fridge. Will definitely be doing that for now on. Loved the flavor and texture so much that I also ended up purchasing a box of these blondies.

-nutrition: 240 cal, 10g total fat (6g saturated), 35g total carbs (3g fiber, 14g sugars – 10g of which are added sugar), 2g protein

As mentioned above, I opted to make Kodiak Cakes dragonfruit pancakes with the birthday cake blondie because it’s someone’s birthday somewhere, right lol Before I had a chance to “decorate” my pancakes, Edward got to them first:


Here’s my version with the birthday cake blondie as a topper and paired with a matcha lemongrass iced latte from Daily Harvest:

Overall thoughts: I LOVED these blondies! They made for an awesome snack/dessert and I honestly loved every flavor. I also want to note that the customer service is pretty awesome, as well. After trying all of these bars I did end up purchasing a box of the chocolate chunk blondies and the birthday cake blondies. Upon arrival, however, I had an issue with my bars and contacted customer service. They not only responded with 24 hrs but immediately offered to send me replacement bars, no questions asked. That is how you run a business, folks. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

*although these bars were sent to me in exchange for a review, that in no way influenced my thoughts or opinions.



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