Protein cookie showdown featuring Oatmega, Buffbake, and quest nutrition

I’m back with another product review/showdown this time featuring protein cookies! I have been dying to try the Oatmega protein/omega 3 cookies and when I saw that buff bake and quest nutrition had come out with their own line of protein cookies, I knew a showdown had to happen.

I tried to get similar flavors so I could compare them as much as possible on not only their nutrition profile but also their texture and flavor. While there are lots more cookie brands to choose from, I chose these ones in particular because they best fit the criteria I was looking for in terms of nutrition and ingredients. They all offer a decent amount of protein (12-15g depending on brand), offer some fiber, and are relatively low in sugar (<1g-14g depending on brand). Some brands I chose not to include because I didn’t like the ingredients or their nutrition profile. Lenny and Larry (probably the most popular cookie brand), for example, is not in this showdown because they are lower in protein and quite high in sugar at 24g for an entire cookie. To put this into perspective, the recommended amount of added sugar women and men should be eating per day is only about 25g and 36g, respectively. So you automatically hit your limit with just one cookie if you’re a female. In comparison, of the cookie brands I included in this review/showdown, an entire oatmega cookie has 12-13g sugar, an entire package of buff bake protein sandwich cookies has 12g added sugar, and an entire quest nutrition cookie has <1g sugar and 5g erythritol. A full nutrition breakdown for each cookie will also be below.

Buff bake protein sandwich cookies (double chocolate)

I have just one word for these: “amazing”! The texture was the perfect balance of crispy and crunchy and the flavors were so Good! Great chocolate flavor in the cookie itself and the frosting was even more chocolate and delicious. I’ve already gone back and purchased 3 more packs of this flavor!

Nutrition: 1 container (4 cookies) – 200 calories, 13g total fat (5g saturated), 90mg sodium, 16g total carbs (2g fiber, 12g sugar – 11of which are added sugars), 12g protein

Buff bake sandwich cookies (snickerdoodle)


Very different texture from the other protein cookie brands in this review. Definitely more of a crispy, crunchy type texture, which I expected since they are sandwich cookies. Nice cinnamon/snickerdoodle-ish flavor. I didn’t find them to be overpoweringly sweet either which I liked. I consider them more of a dessert with benefits (nutritional benefits). Would likely buy again but would probably choose the double chocolate flavor over this one.

Nutrition: 1 container (4 cookies) – 220 calories, 12g total fat (4.75g saturated), 95mg sodium, 17g total carbs (2g fiber, 13g sugar – 12 of which are added sugars), 12g protein

Quest nutrition (double chocolate)

They aren’t joking when they say this cookie is double chocolate. Surprisingly not terribly sweet. This cookie was so soft and crumbly that it fell apart as I was taking it out of the package which made it a little hard to photograph. Not bad overall but I felt like it was maybe a tad dry and left me feeling extremely thirsty after eating it. Would probably not purchase this flavor again.

Nutrition: (1 cookie)- 240 cal, 16g total fat (10g saturated), 190mg sodium, 20g total carbs (10g fiber, <1g sugar, 5g erythritol), 15g protein

Quest nutrition (chocolate chip)

Nice chocolate chip cookie flavor to it. I really liked the texture, it definitely lives up to the “soft, chewy” claims on the package. If you gave this to me and didn’t tell me what it was I would have no idea it was a “protein” cookie. Have already gone back and purchased this cookie several times.

Nutrition: 1 cookie – 250cal, 17g total fat (10g saturated), 220mg sodium, 19g total carbs (9g fiber, <1g sugar, 6g erythritol),15g protein

Oatmega cookie (whites chocolate macadamia)

It was a bit on the sweet side for my taste but overall nice flavor! There was a nice mix of white chocolate chips and macademia nuts in every bite which I really liked. Nice soft texture which went perfectly with my morning cup of joe. Although a little higher in calories than I would normally prefer, I do mostly like the nutrition profile and I really like that oatmega includes omega 3’s in all of their products. I already buy their bars on a regular basis and I will definitely be including the cookies into my regular rotation now.

Nutrition: 1 cookie – 340 cal, 17g total fat (4.5g saturated), 270mg sodium, 40g totals carbs (9g fiber, 13g sugar), 12g protein

Oatmega (chocolate chip)

I really wanted to like this cookie but I kinda felt like the fish oils were a little overpowering. I really like the idea of adding fish oils for omega 3’s but I felt like I was eating a fish oil pill. I didn’t notice this with the white chocolate macadamia. Only the chocolate chip flavor. I even bought another chocolate chip cookie to compare and the fish taste was still evident. Will probably not purchase again but will continue purchasing the white chocolate macadamia.

Nutrition: 1 cookie – 330cal, 15g total fat (4g saturated), 270mg sodium, 41g total carbs (10g fiber, 12g sugar), 12g protein


Question of the day: Are you a protein cookie lover? Have you tried any of these brands or products? 


  1. Hi Kirsten! I felt the same way about the Double Chocolate Quest cookie. I was grateful that I was able to sample it at Vitamin Shoppe before buying. I ended up going with the Peanut Butter which is really good! I will definitely try the Oatmega Cookies now based on your review. It seems like we have similar taste buds!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Wendy! Yeah if I had sampled the quest double chocolate first I wouldn’t have bought it. I have yet to try the peanut butter one but if you liked it maybe I’ll give it a go! I would def recommend the white chocolate macadamia Oatmega cookie over the chocolate chip. That one was really good!


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