Daily Harvest: The Smoothie Experience

So one of my goals for this year was to get back on that fitness train and actually stay on. so far, so good. I started getting back into working out end of December and here we are September and i’m still, well, ive fallen off the fitness train a little lol. Having said that, I’ve found myself back on that smoothie grind. However, I tend to get pretty boring with my smoothies. I seem to be creative in everything but smoothies lol. So I jumped at the opportunity to try out some smoothies from Daily Harvest.

So Daily Harvest is basically like a healthy, plant based meal delivery service but with smoothies (and also soups, chia parfaits, ice cream sundaes, and overnight oats!). You can choose a delivery plan based on your needs starting with 6 products weekly ($7.99/smoothie), 12 products ($7.49/smoothie), or 24 products weekly ($6.99/smoothie). All of their products are vegan and made with (mostly) organic ingredients. And if you use my code (f00dventures) you can get 3 products for FREE on your first order!

What I find really fun about their products is how they send them. Each smoothie comes pre-portioned and packaged in their own cups (with lids so you can take them with you if you’re on the go). As soon as you receive your goodies you just pop them in the freezer until you’re ready to make one. Then you just add milk (or coconut water) and blend. They offer a wide variety of flavor options for the smoothies and 3 flavor options for their soups (which you can check out on their website). I was given the opportunity to try 6 of their products so I could review them for you guys so I chose 5 smoothies and 1 soup. I somehow misplaced the review for one of the smoothies so full review of 4 smoothies and 1 soup will be below.

mint and cacao

Mint + Cacao Smoothie (purifier): This bad boy was the first one I tried. The ingredients and nutrition facts are all listed right on the cup so you know exactly what you’re getting. This one has banana, spinach, raw cashew, cacao, chlorella, vanilla bean, and mint oil. I really really loved this smoothie. I was actually a little sad that I tried this one first because I was afraid the other smoothies wouldn’t be as good (keep reading to find out it if they were ;)). The texture was super smooth and creamy and the flavor was on point! The mint was perfectly balanced so it wasn’t too overpowering (which is often a problem I have with mint products) and the cacao was a really nice addition. I’m a huge mint chocolate chip ice cream fan and I would gladly have this in place of ice cream. The cacao was in the form of cacao nibs so it added a nice little “crunch” to the smoothie. One thing I will mention is that I found this smoothie to be pretty filling so make sure you drink it in-between meals or you will be incredibly full. Overall rating: 10/10

mango and papaya.png

Mango + Papaya (Antidote): As soon as I received these smoothies my fiance kept eyeballing them every single night and begging me to make one that we could share. So I chose this flavor because I wasn’t sure if I would like it and I figured if I didn’t, I could just let my fiance finish it off. This one contained mango, pineapple. acerola cherry, papaya, and macadamia nut. It’s recommended you use a light liquid like coconut water when blending but all I had on hand was almond milk so that’s what I had to use. This smoothie ended up pretty thick and admittedly it ended up being just okay, flavor wise. I can see why coconut water is the recommended liquid of choice though because it would have paired really nicely with the tropical mix of fruits. In the end, my fiance and I both agreed that although it was an okay smoothie, it just wasn’t anything “special”. Probably not a flavor I would end up purchasing again. Overall rating: 6/10

strawberry and peach.png

Strawberry + Peach (Reviver): This was one of the flavors I was most excited for given its combo of ingredients; strawberry, banana, peach, raspberry, goji berry, oats, and flax seed. This one also recommended using a lighter base (like coconut water) instead of milk so I used a raspberry coconut flavored one which I think paired really nicely with the mix of flavors. This was also another one I shared with my fiance. At first I felt like the banana flavor was a little overpowering but then I found myself stealing this smoothie away from Edward so I could keep drinking more of it. It’s a flavor that definitely grows on you. The mint + cacao smoothie is still my top fave but this a really nice light and refreshing flavor that I could see myself especially enjoying come summer. Overall rating: 8.5/10

cacao avocado.png

Cacao + Avocado (Power) : This one had a smorgasbord of ingredients so I was immediately intrigued by it and had to try it out. It contained zucchini, avocado (yum!), raw pumpkin seed, date, cacao, coconut oil, pea protein, vanilla bean, and himalayan sea salt. I’ve never thought of adding zucchini to a smoothie before so I was kind of excited to see how it would affect the overall flavor. This one did take some getting used to. I immediately tasted the pumpkin seed and every now and then I would get a little zucchini. But once I let my taste buds adjust to the flavors, I found myself liking it. Not loving it, but able to tolerate it. I also liked the little cacao nibs interspersed throughout which semi-helped overpower the zucchini flavor. A note on the texture; I felt like this shake was really thick so I did end up having to add more milk than was “recommended” so I could actually drink it as opposed to having to eat it with a spoon. I’m not sure if it’s a flavor I would necessarily replicate on a regular basis but I do like the idea of adding zucchini to future smoothies/shakes. Overall rating: 5/10

coconut and carrot soup

Carrot + Coconut (energize soup): This was the only soup I received and it had a ton of yummy ingredients (carrot, coconut milk, tomato paste, spinach, cauliflower, bell pepper, ginger, hamalayan pink salt, madras curry, cilantro, garlic, black pepper, ginseng, astragalus, and galangal). I immediately picked up on the curry which gave the soup a really nice flavor. I did feel like this one was missing something so I did add in some brown rice to make it more of a complete meal. It is recommended that you include at least 3 food groups with every meal so adding a grain (or a protein) to this will definitely round out the nutrition profile a bit more. Overall, I enjoyed it and would likely eat it again. Overall rating: 8/10

Last thoughts: I really enjoyed having some of my meals planned out ahead of time. Although I do meal prep every week, sometimes it gets really exhausting choosing meals and snacks every. single. week. It was nice having these around for those days when I just didn’t want to think that hard about what my next meal was going to be. I enjoyed this experience so much that I actually went back and re-ordered another round of 6  items.  Stay tuned for that review! In the meantime, as a reminder, you can try out Daily Harvest yourself and get 3 products of your choice for FREE by using my code f00dventures on your first order! 


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