New product alert: KIND snacks fruit bites for kids 

Fruit Bites, get your Fruit Bites here! KIND snacks recently debuted their new Fruit Bites as part of a campaign to bring awareness to parents about healthier snack choices and reducing added sugar intake in kids and I am so excited to be a part of it! Did you know that 4 of the top 5 fruit snacks have corn syrup as their first ingredient? With added sugar consumption consistently exceeding recommended limits, KIND feels it’s important to recognize that some snacks that promote “real” fruit and “all natural” ingredients actually have fruit, unlike the leading ‘fruit’ snack that has the same first two ingredients as gummy bears. KIND Fruit Bites are made with only three fruit ingredients or less and contain no added sugar. Each pouch also provides 1 full serving of fruit!img_5002.jpg
*Did you also know: the average 9 year old weighs ~63 lbs and the average child is eating 64 pounds of added sugar per year – that means he/she is eating his/her weight in sugar every year! The issue here is that nutrition labels are confusing! Parents have trouble differentiating between added vs naturally occurring sugars. Most parents don’t think sweeteners like molasses or agave nectar are added sugars when in actuality, they are.

the scoop on added sugar

Which is why it is so nice to see KIND come out with a healthy snack option with only fruit as its ingredients. KIND Fruit Bites are great paired with some protein, like a handful of almonds for those heart healthy fats! Currently the fruit snacks come in 3 flavors;

mango + pineapple + Apple

strawberry + cherry + Apple,

and cherry + Apple.

I was sent a bunch of fruit bites to try and share and they have been a hit with everyone I have shared them with. My fiance even took them to his office and everyone LOVED them so they are great for adults and kids alike!

Question of the day: Do you enjoy KIND snacks products? What are your fave products of theirs?


*Although this post was sponsored, all opinions are my own. Thank you to KIND for providing the research, stats, and product samples for this post.

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