Product review: Sunwarrior protein bars

Today i wanted to share a product review with you guys featuring my new favorite snack/protein bars! They are made by sunwarrior, a brand that I have religiously followed for quite some time now. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you may recall that I did a product review for sunwarrior back in 2014 (check out that review here) and even back then I was incredibly impressed with their products. Their chocolate warrior blend protein is still one of my top favorite protein powders to use. Recently sunwarrior came out with protein/health/snack bars and they have hit it out of the park with them! They currently offer 4 flavors; blueberry blast, cinnamon roll, salted caramel, and coconut cashew and every single one is amazing!

Nutritionally, these bars offer around 200-250 calories, 6g total fat (1g saturated), 60mg sodium, 30g total carbs (12-18g fiber, 3-7g sugar depending on flavor), and 17g protein. In addition, they are all certified organic, gluten free, soy free, non Gmo, dairy free, and vegan. I absolutely love that combination of high fiber, high protein, low sugar. As a dietitian, that makes me extremely happy and extremely confident in recommending these bars. They offer an excellent nutrition profile while still tasting like a treat!

Flavor wise, well, they’re all fantastic.

Blueberry blast is full of blueberry flavor. It’s intense but not overwhelming. So if you love blueberry, you’ll love this bar. It’s one of my top favorite bars. Not just from this brand but my overall top favorite bar. I always make sure I have this flavor stocked at home and always one in my purse!

Coconut cashew is a lovely combination of well, coconut and cashew. Some bars I have tried with coconut come off tasting really artificial but this one tastes like the real deal. Which is why I like this brand so much. They use “real” ingredients so their products taste like “real” food.

Cinnamon roll is ah-mazing. It has a really nice cinnamon flavor to it without being overpowering. And it has a nice little swirl of icing on top which just makes it that much more special and flavorful. This flavor is also one of my top favorites, right after blueberry.

Salted caramel is also amazing. My fiancé told me this was his favorite bar. Not just from sunwarrior but his top favorite bar of all the bars he has tried.  And, like me, he has tried a lot of bars so for him to say this, it actually means something lol. This one also has a nice little swirl of caramel flavor on top which makes it that much more special.

If you’re interested in trying out the sunwarrior bars, they’re currently selling a variety pack on their website at a reduced price. And if you join their medallion rewards program (free to join), you can score free shipping!

Question of the day: Have you heard of Sunwarrior before? Have you tried any of their products before?

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