Doughbar protein donuts

So some of you may remember that I was donut obsessed for awhile. I created my own 5 minute pumpkin donut recipe which then led to my donut recipe ebook. So I was super excited when I came across Doughbar Donuts. This company takes it one step further by making freshly baked protein donuts with 11g protein per donut! So you only have to eat 2 in order for them to be an excellent source of protein. Be it at breakfast, post workout, or even as a great protein packed dessert. In addition to the 11g of protein, each plain donut also has about 150 calories, 4g total fat (0.5 saturated), 260mg sodium, 16g carbs (2g fiber, 3g sugar). Each donut is handcrafted with a yeast based dough and baked instead of fried making these a delicious, healthier alternative to traditional donuts.

One thing I especially love about this company is that they care about the health and wellness of their customers and their community. As stated on their website,

“We want to encourage and support the good health of our customers, by providing a nutritious alternative to a “cheat treat”. We aim to inspire wellness in our customer’s lives by highlighting the advantages of living an active lifestyle. We give a portion of our monthly sales to a nonprofit organization which serves the community, whether it be fighting childhood obesity or promoting a healthier lifestyle.”

They offer a ton of awesome flavors like cookie butter, cake batter, strawberry cheesekcake, etc. You can check out their full range of flavor options at their website. I opted to try the cake batter, strawberry cheesecake, and cookie butter. And Doughbar surprised me by giving me 3 extra donuts to try so I had a total of 6 glorious protein donuts!

When you receive your box of glorious donuts, you are presented with plain donuts, glazes and toppings for each, and the nutrition facts for each glaze and topping so you know exactly what you’re getting. Ordering just plain donuts is also an option so you can add your own toppings at home.


Strawberry cheesecake

I had to try one of these as soon as I received them so I opted to try one of the strawberry cheesecake donuts first. All you do is microwave your donut for 15 seconds to heat it up. Then microwave your glaze. I found out the hard way that 15 seconds was far too long for my glaze as it ended up exploding inside my microwave. Fortunately I still had enough to cover my donut. I opted to forgo the additional topping which was a graham cracker crumble with dried fruit because I wanted to get a feel for just the glaze and the donut on their own. First off, the donut was awesome! It was a really nice texture and it also had a really nice flavor. I did pick up on some spices that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. They aren’t individually listed in the ingredients list either so I’m not sure what they were but they gave the donuts a really nice, unique flavor. The strawberry glaze was also really nice. Although I didn’t pick up on a strawberry cheesecake flavor, I can’t say I was all that upset about it since the glaze was extremely good. Definitely a flavor I would try again.

Cookie butter with chocolate goldfish

Next I tried the cookie butter. This one tasted more like a hint of cookie butter mixed with an icing glaze. Not that it wasn’t good but I would have hoped for more of a cookie butter flavor. I think next time I would probably just purchase a plain donut and add speculoos cookie butter.

Cake batter with sprinkles

Cake batter was next complete with sprinkles. Again, I got more of an icing glaze flavor than an actual cake batter flavor. Interestingly, the glaze tasted like cake batter prior to microwaving but once it was glaze-ready (meaning microwaved), it seemed to lose that cake batter flavor. Still good, but I wish the cake batter flavor had carried through more.

Smores inspired

Then the marshmallow fruity pebbles, however, i decided to kind of create my own donut with this one. I used the marshmallow glaze and the graham cracker crumbs from the strawberry cheesecake donut to make a smores inspired doughnut which I drizzled with melted dark chocolate. I kind of feel like the marshmallow got a little lost with the other flavors but still a nice little treat at the end of the night.

Berry glazed

Berry glaze was last and it was just as good as the strawberry cheesecake glazed. I really loved the subtle hint of berry. Would definitely get this one again.

Overall, the donuts themselves were delicious. Very soft with a really nice flavor. As for the glazes, the strawberry and berry glazes were my favorites. Would definitely purchase those in the future. I think my only complaint about these is that they aren’t whole grain. They are instead “whole grain enriched”so some of the nutrients have been removed and then added back in later. I know that these are meant to be a protein donut and that’s what they are marketed as but they are also marketed as being a “clean treat” and for me, I would prefer if they were also whole grain so that they were more of a nutrient dense treat. Having said that, these are still a great option in place of “real” donuts. They are lower in sugar (only 3g sugar for a plain donut) which is much less than a “real” donut, they’re baked not friend, and they offer 11g protein which is great. So they are a great, healthier option in moderation. Everything in moderation, right 😉

*All opinions are my own. Doughbar Donut provided me with free product for this review but this in no way influenced my opinions.




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