It’s Gonna Be May photo-a-day challenge

may challenge

Hi everyone! EXCITING NEWS! A few friends and I have teamed up on instagram to bring you guys a fun photo-a-day challenge for the month of May! We are fondly calling this challenge #ItsGonnaBeMay2015!

Every day, we will have a challenge for you guys to participate in that are in the calendar above!
We thought this would be a fun way to bring together the IG community and provide a little motivation on whatever your journey may be!

To make it even MORE exciting, several companies agreed to sponsor this monthly challenge for several giveaways! Each winner will be able to choose a prize bundle with multiple products from companies like Quest Nutrition, Nutzez, Bobs red mill, mikeys muffins, siggis dairy, stackd pancakes, and halotop creamery! There will be 6 total winners based on…
1⃣ Most participation in general
2⃣ Best photo
3⃣ Most participation in fitness challenges
4⃣ Most participation in fear food challenges
5⃣ 2 random participants!

Some of the prizes include a $50 gift card from Bob’s Red Mill, gift baskets of products from Mikey’s Muffins and stack’d pancakes, free product coupons from halotop creamery and siggis, and protein bars from Quest Nutrition!

The rules are simple to enter for a chance to win (as well as for the fun of it of course!) Simply follow all 4 of us on instagram so you don’t miss any of the challenges (@eatclean_livestrong, @f00dventures, @weightsandwine29, and @hungrygirl325) and be sure to include the hashtag #itsgonnabemay2015 in your posts so we can see your lovely photos!

We are so excited to see your entries!


Share your thoughts :)

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