**NEW** F00dventures: volume 2 recipe ebook now available – $1 only through March

I am so excited to bring you guys my latest project I’ve been working on – the second volume to my first ebook! My first ebook was released Summer of 2014 and it was a collection of 40 of my favorite recipes and my most popular recipes posted on instagram as well a couple never before seen recipes. I have since come out with a ton of new recipes and wanted to showcase them in another ebook. So this ebook is volume 2 of my favorite and most popular recipes. This ebook has 42 recipes broken down into 4 categories: my highly requested homemade caramel recipes, breakfast and dessert recipes, savory recipes, and 5 minute recipes. I have also included a healthy grocery list and “my picks” of the types of ingredients and foods I like to stock up on at the grocery store.

f00dventures vol 2 cover2


So what kind of recipes will you find in this ebook? Many of them have the option to be made gluten free and vegan and I have tried to offer subs whenever possible. Examples of some of the recipes you will find in this ebook include:

Pumpkin spice french toast sticks (one of my most popular recipes)
Reese’s inspired waffles
Peanut butter cream filled raweos
Chocolate (sweet potato brownie batter)
Healthified (protein) cake pops
Quest cookie dough batter
PB&J inspired cheesecake w/raspberry coulis
Black bean chocolate truffles
Personal pan pizza
Oven baked cheesy garlic zucchini “fries”

and a collection of my 5 minute recipes including;
cinnamon rolls
and even churros!

In honor of National Nutrition Month, I have put this ebook on sale for $1 for the entire month of March. That’s 42 recipes for just 1 buck! Ebook can be purchased at this link: click me

In addition, I have also put my other ebooks on sale for $1 for the entire month of March in honor of National Nutrition Month. More details about all ebooks here: click me


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