Nutrition Thursday: Product review- abs protein pancakes

abs protein pancakes 2

I was recently sent a bag of abs protein pancakes (check them out here) and figured I would review them here.


The abs protein pancakes come in 3 delicious sounding flavors; chocolate chip, cinnamon swirl, and vanilla cake batter. I was sent the chocolate chip flavor to try out. Let’s start with the nutrition part of the review.

Here is a copy of the nutrition facts label taken right from the abs protein pancake website:

I was able to make about 2-3 pancakes with 1 scoop. Nutritionally, these aren’t bad. They are low in sodium, low in sugar, not horribly high in fat, and high in both protein and fiber. The two issues I have with these, however, is that they are made with stevia and inulin. Inulin is an added fiber which is commonly added to processed foods to make them look like they are a healthy option. While added fibers CAN help people meet their fiber needs, too much of it can cause unpleasant side effects. And since added fibers are added to several products now, it is very easy to consume way more than is tolerated. for more info about inulin and other added fibers, check out my post here. These pancakes can still fit into a heathy diet as long as you are mindful of how many other added fibers you are consuming throughout the course of the day. Overall, it is best to get your fiber from more natural sources.

My beef with the stevia in these is the fact that stevia is now also added to everything. My beef isn’t so much with stevia itself, it’s the fact that it’s added to everything. I fear we are slowly replacing the sugar problem in this country with a stevia problem which is really not much better. Sweeteners, like stevia, should still be used in moderation and only as a tool that can aid in weight management; not as a magic bullet for weight loss.

Moving on onto flavor! Unfortunately, I was not a fan of these pancakes. Since these are made with protein, in fact casein and whey are the first 2 ingredients in these pancakes, that’s really all I could taste. If you’re tried protein shakes, you may be familiar with that “protein flavor” that many protein shakes share. It’s not particularly pleasant and my fiance and I both got that protein flavor with these pancakes. So even though these pancakes look delicious, they sadly, did not taste delicious. At least not to my fiance and I.

Overall, although these are a great high protein pancake option, they did not deliver in flavor and are not something I would purchase.

UPDATE: I have since made the abs protein pancake mix several times since posting this review and have actually really enjoyed the pancakes each time. So much so that they are one of my favorite pancake mixes to use (when I’m not making my own homemade pancakes). However, I can only vouch for the chocolate chip flavor pancakes.

**Abs protein pancakes was kind enough to send me this pancake mix for free to review. All opinions are my own.

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