Caramel apple ring pancakes with an apple rose

apple ring pancakes

Good morning! I have a new recipe video for you guys today showing you how to make apple ring pancakes (pictured above). I decided to take it a little further and actually make caramel apple ring pancakes and top them off with an apple rose (which I will discuss more in the video).

apple rose pancakes

The pancakes pictured above are actually not the same stack I made in the video. I am saving that creation so if you want to see the real end product, be sure to give me a follow on instagram (f00dventures – spelled with two zeroes). I will be revealing the end product either this weekend or next weekend. So, without further adieu, the recipe video:

Regarding the date caramel, I discuss it more in this video (click me) and I also have a couple DIY caramel recipes (traditional caramel, sweet potato/pumpkin caramel, and date caramel) in this blog post (click me).

Thank you for watching the recipe video above. Please comment below if there’s any recipe videos, product reviews, or anything else you would like to see next 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Caramel apple ring pancakes with an apple rose

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