Nutrition thursday: Product review – INBars

I actually came across these bars months ago when I was at Meijer. I actually remember exactly why I was there and when it was. It was right after Edward had surgery on his shoulder back in early June. I drove him to Meijer so we could pick up his post surgery prescriptions and while waiting in the pharmacy, I wandered around to the protein bars and supplements to see what was “new”. I came across these bars and, on a whim, bought one to try. I was impressed not only with the nutrition but also the taste.


These bars were specifically formulated for diabetics but after looking over the ingredients and nutrition stats, they would be great really for anyone looking for a decent protein bar. They’re only 140 calories with 7g total fat (only 1g saturated), 10g fiber, 4gsugar (about 1 tsp sugar), and 10g protein. It’s low enough in sugar that it won’t cause crazy insulin spikes and the high fiber and protein content will also help slow down the digestion of the sugars so it’s perfect for diabetics! Even though it has 7g fat, most of it is due to sunflower seed butter which is a great source of vitamin e (antioxidant and antinflammatory action, anyone?) and heart healthy unsaturated fats! And it’s a good source of protein – general rule of thumb is to look for at least 10g of protein in bars and this bar fits the bill! Plus, it’s also gluten, soy, egg, corn, dairy, and nut free so just about anyone and everyone can enjoy this bar! And, it tastes good! I firmly believe in trying products first before promoting them to patients/clients and this is a bar I can stand by both nutritionally and flavor wise!


– Chocolate fudge: nice chocolate flavor. Enjoyable

– Cinnamon swirl: definitely taste the cinnamon. Kind of a strange aftertaste. Not my favorite of the bunch.

– Cherry chocolate: nice cherry/chocolate combo. One of my faves!

– Chocolate mint: I’m always wary of mint flavors because they often taste like toothpaste but I really liked this! Another fave!

– Strawberry banana: nice combo of strawberry and banana – tasted like a smoothie!

– Chocolate butter crunch: Similar to the chocolate fudge flavor. Enjoyable.

To purchase your own online, use code “VENTURE20” for 20% off your order!

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