Product review: slap nutrition

If you follow my instagram, then chances are you’ve already seen this review. Still, I promised the company I would post the review on both my blog and my instagram account so feel free to ignore this post if you’ve already read it lol


I was immediately intrigued by these protein powders due to the minimal ingredients. Most protein powders I have seen with so few ingredients are plant based so I was really excited to find a whey-based protein powder. And I was even more excited when the company agreed to send me a few of their protein powders to review.I was sent the regular chocolate flavor as well as a cinnamon roll flavor to test out.

The review below also provides some insight on the latest research concerning low cal sweeteners so enjoy!
– made with protein isolate which has a higher percentage of protein (90%) than whey protein concentrates (anywhere from 30%-90). Isolate is more rapidly absorbed and has been associated with greater gains in strength and lean body mass.
– contains negligible fat, carbs, fiber, and sugar
– contains 24g protein
– minimal ingredients
– lactose and gluten free
– contains stevia. The most recent research regarding low cal sweeteners has confirmed that the use of these sweeteners can not only help with weight management (when part of a balanced diet coupled with physical activity) and prevent cavities but they also have no impact on blood glucose, lipids, or blood pressure. In addition, the latest research has also confirmed that low cal sweeteners do not trick the brain into wanting more to eat nor do they negatively affect the general population (I.e. Cause hypersensitivity reactions or neurological changes). However, they still should be used in moderation. They should be used as a tool that can aid in weight management, not as a magic bullet for weight loss.

contains “natural flavors” which is very vague and can mean anything

decent. The chocolate was rich and flavorful and the cinnamon roll flavor was tasty and cinnamon-y.

Overall opinion:
one of the few I’ve seen with such minimal ingredients that isn’t plant based. decent protein both nutritionally and flavor wise.

* disclaimer: Slap Nutrition was kind enough to provide me with these samples to review. This did not influence my thoughts or opinions on the product. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


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