MyOatmeal review and recipes: Donut, Banana Split, and Cherry Amaretto


As some of you might recall, I was recently brought on by MyOatmeal to be a Recipe Ambassador (if you want to order your own oats/pblean be sure to use the code “capp15”) . I recently made my own hummingbird style oats and bavarian cream pblean not long ago – to see that review, health tips for purchasing your oats and pblean, as well as another recipe, check out that post here.

This time around, it took me a solid 2 days to decide on flavors.I finally settled on Donut and Banana Split. For the last flavor I asked Anthony, the owner, his favorite flavor which was Amaretto with cherries so that was my last pick. My 8 year old neighbors invited themselves over after I received these so I had them taste test the flavors with me:

Donut: The kids liked this one second best. It has a sweet scent and an enjoyable flavor. I used this to make donuts later in the day – recipe posted below!

Banana Split: The kids loved the scent of this one best. It smelled like super sweet bananas and it tasted just like it smelled. I used this to make banana split pancakes – recipe will be coming to my blog soon!

Amaretto with cherries: This had a nice cherry flavor with subtle hints of almond. I can see why it is Anthony’s favorite. The kids didn’t seem to care for this one as much so maybe it’s more of a flavor that grows on you as you get older. I decided to put these oats to use right away and made banana bread:

banana bread

I made oat flour with the amaretto and cherry oats and simply replaced 1/4 of the flour in chocolatecoveredkatie’s chai banana bread recipe. That recipe can be found here.

I also made donuts with the donut flavored oats. The kiddos helped me taste test these and they devoured them. They eagerly watched me make them and were practically drooling as I took pics of them:



Black and white donuts – makes 2 donuts


– 1/2 cup donut flavored myoatmeal oats ground into flour

– 1/2 cup whole wheat flour

– 1 tsp baking powder

– 1/2 cup almond milk

– 1 tsp sweetener of choice

– 1 tbsp baking cocoa


1) Combine ingredients in a food processor except baking cocoa.

2) Oil a small ramekin and pour half of the batter into the ramekin. Add the baking cocoa to the other half of your batter and mix well – adding more milk as needed. Pour into another small ramekin.

3) Microwave for 1min30 sec. To make into donuts, cut out the middle. I drizzled mine with sweet spreads cupcake spread but feel free to drizzle yours with whatever toppings you desire.


Reminder: to purchase your own oats or pblean, use code “capp15” to take 15% off your order! I will continually be posting recipes on my instagram as well as on here so be sure to stay tuned for more inspiration for other ways to use these oats 🙂



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