Company and product review: Puritans Pride and 2 vegan recipes; neapolitan smoothie and grilled peach french toast

puritans pride goodies

I apologize for the horrible picture. I will make up for it with some yummy food pics below so just bear with me :p

A few weeks ago a company called Puritan’s Pride found me through instagram and contacted me about reviewing their products. I try to be careful about the companies I work with as I don’t want my name to be associated with just ANY company. I try to choose companies with which I can get on board with their values and products. Having said that, I reviewed their website and saw that they mostly sell nutritional supplements as well as various superfoods which I can get on board with. I chose a few products that I was most interested in reviewing (click each one to be taken directly to the product);

probiotic 10

pea protein

cacao nibs


The rest of the goodies were products I was sent additionally to review. It’s hard to see in the picture so I will list them below (you can also click each one to be taken directly to the product):

Omega-3 fish oil (EPA and DHA)

Vitamin C – 1000mg

Hair, Skin, and Nails which is basically biotin (b vitamin)

Ultra Woman Daily Multi

Retinol cream

– Pill container

So, first, a word about the company itself. The social media manager I worked with was fantastic. He responded quickly to all of my emails, was very enthusiastic about working with me, sent everything promptly, and overall exceeded my expectations. I feel it is important to mention this because that hasn’t always been the case with some of the company’s I have worked with.

And now a word about some of the products I received!

probiotic 10: these are great for anyone experiencing diarrhea or GI distress, have been on antibiotics for an extended period of time, or just need some help replacing the beneficial bacteria in the GI tract. The bacteria present in these are supposed to be similar to the one’s most commonly found in most people’s GI tracts.

pea protein: i have been following more of a plant based diet so I have tried several plant based protein powders (you can see my reviews under the ‘product review’ cateogry tabs). A few words of caution with plant based proteins; 1) they aren’t always as bioavailable meaning the body can’t absorb them as well as animal based proteins and 2) most plant based proteins aren’t complete proteins. Pea protein, however, does have high bioavailability but it  is not a complete protein so be sure to pair it with a rice protein or another food like brazil nuts which contain cysteine and methionine, the amino acids pea protein is low in. More info on complete proteins here.

amaranth: this is a great high protein, naturally gluten free alternative grain. Flavor wise, it has more of a nutty flavor and can be used in baked goods or even just used to replace rice and other grains as a side dish. For more information on this grain, be sure to check this out – click me.

omega-3: these contain EPA and DHA which are essential fatty acids that the body needs but cannot make on its own. They can also be found in oily fish, nuts, seeds, and leafy green vegetables. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to protect against heart disease, inflammation, certain types of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and macular degeneration (a leading cause of vision loss).

Ultra woman daily multi: just a quick blurb about this one. I just wanted to point out that it is time released which is important to note. According to the research I have seen, time release vitamins are no more effective than regular vitamins. When purchasing multivitamins, look for one that supplies 100% of the DRI and try to avoid extended release and “mega” vitamins with 200% or more of the DRI as this can cause toxic side effects, particularly with the fat soluble vitamins A and E. This is one of those cases in which more doesn’t always mean better.

And before you go, I promised some pretty food pics so here are some of the post workout smoothies I created using my pea protein:

layered nana ice cream smoothie  triple chocolate nana ice cream smoothie

neaopolitan smoothie

Here is the recipe for the last smoothie:

Neapolitan nana ice cream smoothie

– 1 frozen banana

– splash almond milk

– 1 scoop pea protein

– 1 tbsp baking cocoa

– 1 tsp sweetener of choice

– 1/4 cup frozen raspberries


– peanuts

– almonds

– barney butter

– raspberrries


Combine banana, pea protein, almond milk, and sweetener until smooth and creamy. Layer 1/3rd of this mixture into a small glass and set in the freezer. Add your raspberries to your blender and blend until smooth. Layer half of this mixture to your vanilla layer. Place back in freezer. Add your baking cocoa and again blend until smooth. Layer on top of your other layers. Top off with your toppings. Enjoy!

And here is a Grilled peach and strawberry french toast stack I created this morning using my pea protein. This entire stack is dairy free and vegan and can be made gluten free with GF bread:

grilled peach and strawberry french toast

Grilled peach and strawberry french toast

makes 2-3 pieces french toast


– 1 cup SO delicious dairy free milk

– 1/8 cup chia seeds

– 1/2 scoop pea protein

– 1/2 cup peaches and strawberries

– 1 tbsp coconut flakes

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– 2-3 slices bread of choice

– 1/2 cup peaches

– 1/2 cup mixed fruit (I used mango, raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry)


1) Combine first 6 ingredients in a blender then let sit in the fridge overnight to allow the mixture to thicken.

2) in the morning, soak your bread in the mixture and cook up like regular french toast. While cooking, grill your peaches in the same pan.

3) After cooking your french toast and grilling your peaches, cut your french toast in half and layer your grilled peaches in-between the slices. Top of with your mixed fruit. Enjoy!


Overall verdict: I received some great products from this company and my fiance was also impressed with the products I received. I think my favorite was the pea protein as it actually had a pleasant taste to it, which hasn’t always been the case with other plant based proteins I have tried in the past. Plus, as you can see from the recipes above, it is very versatile and can be used in a large variety of recipes.

*Although I was sent these products for review purposes, all opinions and recipes are my own.

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  1. Hana says:

    I really enjoyed this review Kirsten!!! Especially since I just started my summer nutrition class and I’m working in the vitamins department at sprouts. Super useful info for class and customers!


    1. f00dventures says:

      Thank girl! I could have written so much more but I wanted to just get across the major points lol


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    the blogger lovers however this paragraph is actually a pleasant article,
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