Ebook and Recipe Ambassador announcement

Hey guys! So I have some really exciting news I wanted to share with you all! First piece of business – my ebook!

I have worked incredibly hard on this ebook and am happy to announce that it will be available to purchase TODAY! I have added a tab at the top of my blog labeled ‘Recipe Ebook‘ which is where I will include a link to purchase it. My original goal for the ebook was for it to be a small book of my most favorite and popular recipes along with a few new recipes. My goal was for it to contain 30 recipes tops. However, I found myself quite inspired these last few weeks and am happy to bring you 40 delicious breakfast, dessert, and snack recipes. I unveiled a sneak peek at the cover a couple days ago, however, I have since changed it so here is the new and improved ebook cover:

ebook cover 7

Some of the recipes you will find inside this ebook include snickers bites, grilled banana split sandwich, pineapple upside down cake, black and white cookie dough ice cream (mug)cake, (vegan) mini protein triple berry pie, and many more. I have also included ‘f00d tips’ throughout the ebook aka recipe tips as well as a picture and description with each recipe.

I am pricing the ebook at $10. This is a portfolio, if you will, of my best work and I am incredibly happy to share it with you 🙂

And onto my second piece of business. I am happy to announce that myoatmeal.com has brought me on as a Recipe Ambassador. I reviewed their products not long ago (review here) and was impressed with the large selection of flavor options for their pblean and oatmeal. I have had a blast creating recipes with their products and MyOatmeal was apparently equally impressed with my creations. They approached me about becoming a recipe ambassador for their site to which I happily agreed. So, I will be reviewing more of their products and creating more recipes with them and posting here on my blog as well as on instagram. In addition, I will also be providing you guys with a discount code so you can create your own myoatmeal and pblean so be on the lookout for future posts with myoatmeal 🙂

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