Product review: Health Warrior Chia Bars

chia bars1

I actually received these bars quite awhile ago (note the snow in the background in the picture below) and started this review when I received the bars. Somehow I lost track of the review and just now found it so I apologize for taking so long to upload it. I was really quite impressed with these bars.

Nutritionally, the bars are gluten, dairy, and soy free as well as vegan. They also contain 100 calories, 1100mg omega 3, 4g fiber, and 3g protein. Despite their small size, they pack a nutritional punch and are actually quite satisfying.

Texture wise, these bars are a little crunchy due to the chia seeds but if you’ve had chia seeds before, then this is nothing new. Flavor wise, I will discuss each below:

chia bars2

Acai Berry: Edward did not care for this flavor all that much but I thought it had a nice sweet, fruity flavor to it.

Apple Cinnamon: This one was quite good. It had a nice flavor to it. It was probably amongst my favorites.

Banana Nut: This flavor was amongst my favorite. Really nice flavor combination.

Coffee: This one definitely had a coffee flavor to it that took some getting used to. Definitely more enjoyable for me the second time around as I had time to adjust to the flavor.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: While ordinarily I love chocolate and peanut butter together, I admit I didn’t care much for this flavor combination.

Dark Chocolate Cherry: I actually really liked this flavor. Nice hints of dark chocolate and cherry. It was a great flavor combination.

Mango: This flavor was my absolute favorite. Edward despised this one but I absolutely loved it. It tasted like mango and was very sweet and fruit. Loved this one.

Overall verdict: I really liked these bars – especially the mango flavored one. They are great little pick-me-up to throw into your purse (or pocket) when you’re on the go and need something to snack on.

*Health Warrior was kind enough to send me these bars for free. The reviews of these products are my own based on my own experience.



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