Nutrition Thursday: MyOatmeal, pblean, and bliss balls recipe

Being a food blogger and a dietitan definitely has its perks. It gives me an excuse to cook up fabulous things, to try new products, and to blog about my thoughts/opinions/experiences. I recently came across via instagram and they generously provided me with a couple products so I could review them. They also provided me with a coupon code for all of you lovely followers. Use the code “healthy15” to receive 15% off your order of oatmeal or pblean.


So when I first started perusing the website, I admit I was a little overwhelmed. While they do have tabs featuring their best selling oatmeals and pblean powders (powdered pb), they also have the option to create your own oatmeal and pblean. Being the artist (and as some have said the culinary genius that i am 😉 ) I , of course, had to make my own blends.So, let’s start with the oatmeal.


First, I want to point out that they have 6 different options just for the oats alone. Also, important to note is that they use non-gmo oats. I went with the ‘smash blend’ oats which is a blend of “Oats & Barley Flakes, Rye, Red Wheat, Titiciale & Flax” so it is definitely not suitable for those following a gluten-free diet. Good news, however, is that they do have two gluten free options.

Next, I picked out my flavors. All of their flavor options are gluten free so they are all suitable for those following a gluten free diet. They have just about any flavor you can imagine from banana bread to cookie dough to tiramisu. They also have 4 organic options; banana cream, bavarian cream, cookies and cream, and brown sugar. You then get to pick your add-ins like fruit, nuts, seeds, and sweeteners. I chose to make a hummingbird inspired oatmeal with the vanilla icing and organic banana cream flavors then adding in pineapple. I decided to forego the other “extras” as I figured I could add them in, if needed.

I can’t really comment much about the nutrition because it will vary based on your order. What I can say is if you want to keep it healthy, my tips for you are:

1) skip the sweetener – you can add your own sweetener at home if you need it

2) don’t go nuts with the fruit. Yes, fruit is healthy but the fruits that are used are dried which means they are a more concentrated source of sugar. So if you decide to add fruit, keep it to a minimum so your oatmeal doesn’t turn into a sugary concoction disguised as oatmeal.

3) Beware of the nuts, seeds, and more option. Again, yes these options are healthy. But that doesn’t mean you can go hog wild with them. They can pack on a lot of extra nutrients but also a lot of extra calories and fat if you’re not careful. So, stick to choosing just 1 or 2 if you decide to add these in.

So what I can comment on is the flavor. This oatmeal was delicious. All I added to it was some almond milk just to taste test it and it was actually pretty sweet even without the sweetener. It was really good and overall, I really liked the end product.


You basically go through the same series of steps to create your pblean as you do to create your oatmeal. You pick if you want light roasted or dark roasted peanuts, then you add some “crunch” in the form of almonds, chia seeds, flax, etc. Next, you pick your flavors which are basically the same flavor options with the oatmeal. You then have the option to add in fruit as well as sweetener. So I chose to make the organic bavarian cream and added in chipped coconut. I skipped the “crunch” and sweetener options.

Again, I can’t really comment on the nutrition but my tips with the pblean are pretty much the same as the one’s above; skip the sweetener and don’t go hog wild with the add-ins.

Flavorwise, this stuff was delicious. I admit I haven’t always been crazy about powdered peanut butters but I actually enjoyed this.

After sampling each product, I decided to get a little creative and make bliss balls with my new products. So, I give you:

Hummingbird + Bavarian cream bliss ball bites


I simply combined 1/2 cup of my hummingbird oats with 1/4 cup of my bavarian cream pblean, some chia seeds, and ~10 softened dates then combined in my food processor until the mixture was sticky enough to make into little bites. The recipe made about 12 bites and the flavors worked together wonderfully.

question of the day:

Go check out the website and let me know what flavor combo you would try. Or flavor combos. I know it may be hard to pick just one :p


  1. […] As some of you might recall, I was recently brought on by MyOatmeal to be a Recipe Ambassador (if you want to order your own oats/pblean be sure to use the code “capp15″) . I recently made my own hummingbird style oats and bavarian cream pblean not long ago – to see that review, health tips for purchasing your oats and pblean, as well as another recipe, check out that post here. […]


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