Honey Yogurt and Caramelized apple stuffed crepes

I think I found a new love. These crepes are utterly amazing. Edward had requested fruit crepes as a late night snack but he wasn’t specific about what type of fruit he wanted. I had already made a berry filled crepe late night snack not long ago so I decided to expand my horizons a little and make something a little different. The sweetness from the caramelized apples and honey makes these crepes a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, I made these at night (I do my best baking/recipe experimentation at night it seems) so the lighting is horrible. This picture does not do these crepes justice. They were delicious. light, fluffy crepes with a caramelized and honey sweetened apple filling. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Honey yogurt and caramelized Cinnamon apple stuffed crepes


Makes enough for 1 large breakfast to be split with a loved one

– 1 cup whole wheat flour
– 1/2 cup milk of choice
– 1/2 cup water
– 1 tsp vanilla
– 2 eggs of choice

– 1 large apple, diced
– cinnamon to taste
– 1 spoonful brown sugar
– 1/3 cup plain yogurt of choice

– honey or another sweetener of choice

1) heat a skillet and combine your diced apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, and honey (or sweetener of choice). Oil your skillet and caramelize your apple until softened. Set aside.
2) combine your crepe ingredients and mix well. Prepare your crepes on the same skillet, using about 1/2 cup batter for each crepe.
3) cook your crepes one at a time until browned on each side. as your crepes cook, finish preparing your filling by adding your yogurt and honey to your apple mixture.
4) as your crepes finish cooking, transfer them to a plate and spread your apple filling between each crepe. I was able to make 3 large crepes with a nice thick layer of filling between each crepe.


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