Caramelized banana oats

I am an overnight oat junkie and my good friend, Hana, made these delicious looking caramelized banana oats so I had to share! She also has several other yummy overnight oat recipe so be sure to check them out 🙂

The title may seem like this is labor intensive, but you forget that I am the laziest cook in the world. This recipe only takes 5 minutes extra from my regular overnight oatmeal recipes. Those 5 minutes are definitely worth it.

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The sweet, warm taste of the chilled maple cinnamon oats in combination with the fresh-out-of-the-broiler caramelized bananas is a flavor explosion in your mouth.

The oatmeal recipe is the same as my others. Click here to see the ingredients and directions I used as the base. The flavorings I used works best with the caramelized bananas in my opinion, but feel free to experiment with different oat bases.

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–1 ripe banana

–liquid sweetener of choice

–a small slice of lemon

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Directions for caramelized bananas:

1)Slice 1 ripe banana into coins. If you like a slight banana taste, but not overwhelming, slice those coins in half.

2) Cut a piece…

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