Whole grain rice lasagna

So I attempted to make lasagna once. I made it for my now fiance’s and my anniversary. I can’t remember which one. After awhile they all kind of blend together. Regardless, it was probably back in 2007 or so when I made it. The point is that it was way before I really started getting serious about baking and cooking. I still remember to this day having to take an advanced food science class for undergrad which basically involved a lot of cooking/baking experiments. I think half of the reason I passed that class was because my friend pretty much carried us. I would love to re-take that class now that I know what I’m doing. It was really a fascinating class because we basically made all kinds of different recipes and “goofed” them up on purpose to see what would happen. It just goes to show that sugar, fat, baking powder, etc all have a specific function in recipes and there are consequences when you leave them out.

But, anyway back to my original story. I was pretty clueless in the kitchen when I decided to make my fiance lasagna for our anniversary so my mom came to my aid. I wanted to surprise my fiance with one of his favorite dishes. It ended up a bit of a disaster. The noodles were undercooked which kind of ruined the overall flavor of the lasagna. Since then that meal has always kind of hung over my head, mocking me. But I’m Italian and sometimes I want lasagna. So I decided to skip the noodles and use something that was much easier to work with – rice!

whole grian rice lasagna

So I know this isn’t the prettiest picture I’ve ever taken but there really was no easy way to take a picture of this lol I assure you it tasted way better than it looks and Edward has asked for this many times since I last made it. Ordinarily I probably would have left out the meat since I’m eating a bit more of a plant based diet now but I live with two carnivores at the moment so rather than making multiple dinners in one night (like I usually do), I decided to give myself a break and just make one dinner.

Whole grain rice lasagna – gluten free, can be made dairy free and vegan by subbing dairy free yogurt, milk, and cheese



– 3 cups brown rice

– 2 eggs of choice

– 1/4 cup cheese of choice (I used smoked provolone cheese)


– 2 cups greek yogurt

– 1/3 cup milk of choice

– 1 cup cheese of choice (i used a combination of medium cheddar and smoked provolone)


1 24 oz jar tomato sauce of choice

– sprinkle garlic powder

–  optional 1 lb meat of choice, cooked (I used jenny-o gluten free turkey burgers)


1/4 cup cheese of choice for topping


1) Get out 3 bowls. In one bowl combine your ingredients to make your base. In another bowl combine your ingredients to make your filling. In the last bowl combine your ingredients to make your sauce. If using meat, be sure to cut it up into bite sized pieces first.

2) Oil a 3 quart baking dish. Spoon half of your rice mixture into the dish. On top of this layer half of the cheese mixture and then half of the sauce mixture. Repeat process. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top of sauce mixture.

3) Bake at 350 degrees F for 25 minutes or until your cheese melts. Let cool before cutting and serving.

Question of the day:

What’s your favorite type of lasagna? Meat? Vegetarian?


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