Product review – Bobo’s Oat Bars

A friend of mine recommended I try these bars and I am very glad she did. These bars are made from all natural ingredients, non-gmo, organic ingredients and they also have a line of gluten free bars which come in fantastic flavors like lemon poppyseed, peach, maple pecan, and chocolate almond. The non gluten-free bars come in equally delicious flavors like Peanut butter, Cinnamon raisin, strawberry, and apricot just to name a few. I requested two gluten free bars and two regular bars so I could give a review on both lines.


Nutritionally, well, first off it’s important to note that each bar contains 2 servings. So each bar (2 servings) contains around 360 calories, 6g protein, 6g fiber, 18g sugar, 6g total fat (3g saturated). I shared these bars with my fiance but if I hadn’t, I would have just eaten half of a bar at a time as opposed to the whole thing as the entire bar is a bit high in calories and sugar. It is also important to note that the second ingredient in the ingredients list is brown rice syrup which is a bit disconcerting. But I digress, onto the texture.

Texture wise, these remind me of a baked oatmeal. They have a very soft texture that I liked which did set it apart from all of the other bars I have tried…and I have tried a LOT of bars.

So, onto flavor. As mentioned above, I requested two gluten-free bars and two regular bars so I could comment on both lines. As soon as I received these bars, my fiance would not leave me alone. I finally just gave him the coconut bar to get him to leave the rest alone. Which didn’t happen but I guess that just means you’ll get two reviews of the flavors instead of just one:

Coconut: I was at least able to sneak a bite of the coconut and I did like it. The coconut was pretty subtle. Really it tasted more like a baked oatmeal with a very slight coconut flavor. Overall, I liked this one as did Edward.

Gluten-free Chocolate Almond: This one was alright. It did have actual chunks of almond in it which I liked. But my fiance did not care for this one as much. I thought it was good but I didn’t think it was fantastically delicious.

Strawberry: This one was actually pretty good. My fiance wasn’t thrilled about this one because, and I quote, “strawberry bars always taste fake and gross”. However, he willingly ate half of it so it must not have been that awful lol. It had a nice sweetness to it and I did not think it tasted “fake or gross”.

Gluten-free Maple Pecan: I was most excited to try this one. It just sounded delicious and it did not disappoint. It was probably my favorite of the bunch. It had a nice maple flavor with pecan undertones. Perfect combination of flavors.

Overall verdict: These bars were enjoyable. I do like that they were made with non-gmo, organic ingredients and that the brand also offers gluten free options. However, these bars were a bit high in calories and sugar. If the sugars came from fruit that would be one thing but the sugar comes mostly from brown rice syrup so I chose to eat these as more of a dessert than a snack. I also chose to share these with my fiance as opposed to eating them by myself.


5 thoughts on “Product review – Bobo’s Oat Bars

  1. I got so excited when I saw non-gmo and organic, but the fact that the second ingredient is brown rice syrup is disheartening. I wished it was from dates instead because the flavors sound so good!

    • yeah, unfortunately that’s the problem with a lot of bars that are out there. you really have to pay attention to not only ingredients but the order of the ingredients. and you really have to play detective with ingredient names. like the chobani flips i showcased on my IG awhile ago…there were 4 different sources of sugar in those things. it’s more of a glorified dessert than a healthy snack. i mean they at least also offers fiber and protein but at the same time…it’s still a lot of sugar to be taking in.

      • Exactly! I’ve been really paying attention to ingredient lists ever since I switched to a healthier lifestyle. Labelings can be so deceiving! Did you hear Michelle Obama is working with the FDA to remake the nutrition labels to make it easier to read, and also they’re adding “sugars added” if there were any sugars added during the production process! I really hope it passes soon!

      • Yes! i first heard about it a couple months ago, i think? it’s the first time they’re making changes to the nutrition label since 2006. i’m super excited for the ‘added sugars’ part. that’s one of the things i always look at if i’m buying something with a label so it will be nice to see that information. hopefully it will also help people make more informed choices. i still remember a few years ago i was teaching a nutrition series and half of the adults in the class were completely clueless when it came to reading a label.

      • Yes me too! and wow, really?? It really surprises me when people don’t know how to read nutrition labels! I had to teach my friend how to read one too actually. It’s quite scary some people don’t know how to read nutrition labels!

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