Product review: Raw Revolution

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raw revolution

So I actually included these bars in a post I did awhile back about protein/snack bars (post here -> click me) despite not having actually tried them. Even though I hadn’t tried them, I was impressed with their nutritional stats and ingredients.  I haven’t been able to find them locally so I contacted the company about possibly receiving samples so I could do a full review on them. When I didn’t hear anything back, I figured the company just didn’t provide samples and that was that. Then I received a box on my porch that contained this lovely bunch of 10 different Raw Revolution bars. Needless to say, I’ve been in foodie heaven. Check out their website here ->

Nutritionally, these bars contain about 230 calories, 3 g fiber,  and ~7g protein, In addition, they are also GMO/dairy/gluten free as well as organic, vegan, and kosher.

One of the bars I was most interested in trying was the ‘spirulina’ dream bar. I had heard a lot of good reviews about this bar so I was really glad it was included in my sample pack. Spirulina is basically a blue-green algae that has been said to be a superfood and used to treat many conditions such as cancer and heart disease as well as help improve memory, increase energy, and even help with weight loss. However, there really isn’t enough conclusive scientific evidence to back up any of the claims. In addition, spirulina is often mistaken for being a complete protein when it is not (see my post about protein here -> click me).  Despite all of that, it is still rich in nutrients like protein, antioxidants, b complex vitamins, and iron. So having said all of that, how did I like it you ask?

raw revolution spirulina dream

Spirulina Dream: This bar is made from cashews, almonds, dates as well as spirulina and a few other ingredients. Overall it tastes like cashews with a slight ‘green’ flavor to it reminiscent of spinach (due to the spirulina). It was actually really good and I can see why people enjoy it so much.

Cherry chocolate chunk: This one was much better than I expected. I’m not the biggest fan of cherries but combined with the chocolate…well, simply put it was delicious. Like chocolate covered cherries. This was one of my absolute faves of the bunch.

Chocolate crave: basically chocolate, dates, and cashews along with a couple other ingredients. It was actually really good. It reminded me a lot of the pure organic chocolate brownie bar. I highly recommend this flavor if you are a chocolate lover.

Chocolate coconut bliss: This one was very enjoyable. I was told it tastes like an Almond joy – that person was right. This was one of my favorites.

Golden cashew: This one was not my favorite of the bunch. It was basically just nuts and dates.

Almond butter cup: I was most excited to try this one. I mean let me just repeat the name: Almond butter cup! Almonds and chocolate – yum! This was one of my favorites. Almonds/nuts were meant to be combined with chocolate.

Apple cinnamon: This one wasn’t my favorite. Not to say it wasn’t good. But it was a little lacking in flavor.

Chocolate raspberry truffle: I really liked this one. Possibly because I have been on a big raspberry + chocolate kick lately with my post workout protein smoothies. The sweetness of the raspberries paired nicely with the chocolate.

Coconut delight: I also didn’t care for this one as much. I generally like coconut but I felt like this one was missing something. Possibly chocolate.

Heavenly hazelnut chocolate: This is another one I was really excited to try. This was amongst my favorite. Nutella anyone?

Overall verdict: These bars definitely win the award for most creative flavor combinations. Heavenly hazelnut chocolate, Almond butter cup, chocolate crave, Chocolate coconut bliss, and Cherry Chocolate Chunk were amongst my favorites. They are definitely amongst one of my favorite brands of bars given their tasty flavors and nutritional stats.

*Raw Revolution was generous enough to send me these samples for free. I received these samples for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Question of the day:

Have you ever tried these bars or even heard of them? After reviewing the flavors, which would you most like to try if given the chance?


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