CLOSED Product review and GIVEAWAY: Gnu Foods Fiber Love bars

Welcome to day 2 of my event! Today I have not only a product review but also a GIVEAWAY!!!!

fiberlove bars1

Gnu Foods (website here) generously provided me with these samples so I could do a product review. I have been eyeing these bars for years but never got around to trying them until now. I am kicking myself now because these bars are pretty awesome. And look how pretty they are! I love the packaging and the bright colors.

One thing I really love about these bars is that they are non GMO! That’s always a plus in my book. In addition, they are quite high in fiber. Like, 12g per bar high. Be sure to drink plenty of water with these bad boys! I recently uploaded a post on fiber so be sure to check that out here -> click me

Protip: some people have complained of intestinal discomfort and/or gas after eating these bars due to the high fiber content. As such, it may be better to try eating half a bar if you are not used to high fiber foods and then gradually increasing to a whole bar over time.

These bars come in some fantastic sounding flavors  like banana walnut, blondie bar, and peanut chocolate chip to name a few. See below for a full line up of the flavors:

fiberlove bars2

Banana Walnut: Banana and walnuts were meant to be together. Reminiscent of banana bread with the added bonus of walnuts. What more can you ask for? This was one of my favorites.

Carrot cake: The delicious taste of just baked carrot cake in a nutritious bar? Yes, please! It even has a nice little spice to it like carrot cake. Yum!

Peanut chocolate chip: This one tastes like a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie. Peanut and chocolate chip were also meant to be together.

Cinnamon raisin: This tastes like a cinnamon raisin oatmeal cookie. A warm, soft baked oatmeal cookie. Really good and enjoyable!

Orange cranberry: I wasn’t sure how I would like this one as I am not a fan of cranberry but the combination of cranberry with orange helped take away from the flavor of cranberry. The orange flavor was a tad strong but it was still an enjoyable flavor.

Blondie bar: Oh blondie bar, how do I love thee? White chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate? Does it get any better than that? This one was very yummy.

Chocolate brownie: Despite being a chocolate addict, this wasn’t my favorite flavor. Don’t get me wrong, it was still good. Just not my favorite.

Blueberry cobbler: I think blueberries will always be one of my favorite fruits. This bar was absolutely delicious. I actually think this was my favorite of the bunch.  All of the sweet goodness of blueberry cobbler in a little healthy bar.

NEW Coconut Macaroon: I adored this one. It had the perfect amount of coconut without being overwhelming. This was another one I absolutely adored.

NEW Apple cobbler: This tasted so heavenly. It really tasted like apple cobbler. This was one of my favorites.

Nutritionally, these bars have about 130-140 calories, 3-5g total fat, 12g fiber (8g soluble, 4g insoluble), ~10g sugar, and 3-4g protein. They are also all natural, kosher, and all of the bars are vegan except the blondie bar which contains whole milk powder. They also provide 8% of the DV for iron. So nutrition wise, these bars offer a great variety of nutrients. Texture wise, they are moist and soft baked. Flavor wise, they are very tasty.

Overall verdict:  great tasting bars, filling, super fun and colorful packaging, and nutritionally sound! I absolutely love these bars! My absolute favorites were blueberry cobbler, apple cobbler, and coconut macaroon.

*Gnu Foods FiberLove was generous enough to send me these samples for free. I received these samples for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


GnuFoods has generously offered to provide one lucky subscriber with a sample pack with all of the bars reviewed in this post.

Unfortunately, the version of wordpress I use does not allow me to feature the rafflecopter widget so please click the link below to be taken to the widget. From there you can submit your entries. This giveaway will last 2 weeks. The only mandatory rules are that you must be a subscriber to my blog and must be a U.S. resident. All other entry options are optional. The more you complete, however, the better your chances of winning 🙂

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27 thoughts on “CLOSED Product review and GIVEAWAY: Gnu Foods Fiber Love bars

  1. I have never heard of “Gnu Foods Fiber Love Bars” (brand or product). I love that the bars are GMO free! & The flavors they come in sound tasty; I’m guessing “Banana Walnut” or “Blueberry Cobbler” would be my favorite. & The packaging of the product is quite nice. : )

  2. I have heard of it, but never seen it. Anxious to try though, except for the blondie (allergic). So I’m a blondie that wants to try all but the blondie.

  3. I’m so sad you didn’t like the chocolate brownie one the best because that’s the one I want to try most! haha but I would like to try the peanut butter chocolate one too, obviously 😉

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  8. I have seen these at my local vitamin Shoppe and been dying to try. And your review of the blueberry has finally pushed me over the edge, I give in, I’m going to but MORE bars at vitamin shoppe now. Hahaha, is it bad that the all guys who work there kinda recognize me…because I’m there for a bar like everyday, sometimes twice a day? 🙂

    • LOL happy i could help! and naw it’s not bad they can recognize you. sometimes being a frequent customer has its perks. i used to be a regular at starbucks way way back in the day. so much so that they gave me free drinks after awhile. so being a regular has its perks 😉

  9. I am in love with the thought of these fiber love bars, because they’re filled with good, real, tasty non-GMO foods, but . . . are they GLUTEN-FREE? (I hope so, I hope so, I hope so, I hope!)

    • Unfortunately they are not gluten free as they are made with whole wheat flour. I’m sorry 😦 as I recall raw revolutions bars are gluten free (I did a product review on their bars also).

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