UPDATED Product review and giveaway extravaganza round 2: calendar of events

As promised, here is a sneak peek into to round 2 of my product review and giveaway extravaganza next week. I am really excited for the upcoming week as I have a lot of awesome products for you guys.Check it out:

product review and giveaway2

Monday (march 3): Product review: Navitas Naturals (goji berries, dragon fruit, cacao nibs)

Tuesday (march 4): Product review and giveaway – Gnu Fiber- fiber love bars

Wednesday (march 5): Product review and giveaway – GoPicnic

Thursday (march 6): Product review – Raw Revolution

Friday (march 7): Product review and giveaway – Garden of life (raw protein, meal bars, super seed)

Saturday (march 8): Product review – The Chia Co.

Sunday (march 9): Product review and giveaway – Bob’s Red Mill

This time around I have 7 product reviews and 4 giveaways (the ones marked in a bold ‘giveaway’ are the products that will be featured in giveaways)! I have also decided to split some of the giveaways so some giveaways will have 2 winners!

Each giveaway will last 2 weeks to give everybody ample time to get in their entries. You may enter one giveaway or all three. There will also be options to come back for daily entries.

Question of the day:

Which products are you most excited for?


    • Hi Kathy, unfortunately those products are just a product review. the products that are up for grabs are marked by a bold ‘giveaway’ (GoPicnic, Garden of life, and Bob’s Red Mill are the products up for grabs in giveaways).

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