Healthy breakfast ideas

healthy breakfast ideas

On my facebook page I reached out to my readers and asked what you guys wanted to see on my blog. Healthy breakfast ideas was one of the suggestions so that is what I bring you today.

Why is breakfast so important? Let me count the ways,

– increased alertness and focus throughout the day

– kick starts metabolism

– less likely to overeat later in the day

– increased satiety

Skipping breakfast can result in:

– insufficient vitamin and mineral intake

– insufficient growth and learning in children

– obesity

– poor school performance (or work performance, depending on your age)

– decreased attention span

To get the most of out of your breakfast, try to include foods from at least 3 food groups. Listed below are a few breakfast trios:

– whole wheat pita bread + slice of cheese + orange juice

– whole wheat tortilla + scrambled eggs + milk

– peanut butter + banana + whole wheat english muffin

– whole wheat tortilla + tomato + beans

– orange + muffin + yogurt

– milk + whole wheat toast + apple

– frozen whole grain waffle + fresh or frozen mango + low fat cottage cheese

– dried fruit + yogurt + whole wheat crackers

– ham + whole wheat bread + tomato

– whole grain cereal + nuts + raisins

Here are recipes for some of my personal favorite breakfasts (click each name for a direct link to the recipe):

1) Sneaky green brownies

(vegan, nut free, can be made dairy and gluten free)

green brownies

2) Overnight oats like the ones above (pictured: chocolate chip banana bread overnight oats)

(raw, nut free, vegan, dairy free, can be made gluten free)

chocolate chip banana bread overnight oats

3)  Raw triple layer berry cheesecake

(raw, vegan, dairy free, gluten free)

raw triple berry cheesecake 2

4)  Chocolate peanut butter breakfast cookies

(Vegan, can be made gluten free)


5) Veggie egg muffins



6) Blueberry banana oat bars

(can be made vegan)

blueberry banana oat bars

Question of the day:

Do you eat breakfast?


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