Giveaway winners and Valentine’s Day surprise

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hopefully this post will make your day a little sweeter ❤ I just want to thank everyone who participated in my giveaways. I have chosen winners as listed below.

The winner of the PlantFusion giveaway is:


The 10 Winners of the teeccino VIP sampler pack (which includes 2 teechia packet flavors, 4 Tee-Bag flavors and an info card) are:

Becky VanGinkel

Kelley H

Melissa Smith

Cheryl B

V. Novak

Kathy Fleming

CJ Williams

Carol Greenburg

John Hutchens

Amanda K

Plantfusion winner: Please email me your contact information and your flavor of choice.

Teeccino winners: Please email me with your contact information as well as 1 coffee tee-bag flavor of choice (you can review the coffee tee-bag flavors here – click me).

Please send your information to



In honor of valentines day (and being the romantic I am), I have decided to launch another product review and giveaway extravaganza. I will be posting a calendar of events prior to the event so you know ahead of time which products I will be reviewing and which one’s will be featured as giveaways. I will also be utilizing rafflecopter to make the giveaway process a little bit easier on everybody. I am currently planning on launching this event the last week of February so stick around to join in on this round of fun 🙂


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