Raw, Vegan chocolate gingerbread bliss balls

For those of you that follow my facebook page and instagram account, you’ve already gotten a sneak peek at this recipe.

raw vegan chocolate gingerbread bliss balls

I am in love with these little snack bites. I have made several recipes utilizing this same idea in the past but I never thought to make gingerbread flavored ones until now. These are super easy to make, and super tasty. And they’re the perfect little dessert to make your sweetheart for valentines day 😉

(raw, vegan, dairy free, can be made gluten free)


Makes 11 bite sized bliss balls

– 3/4 cup oats
– 1/2 cup almonds
– 1 spoonful flax seed (powdered)
– 1/8 cup baking cocoa
– 10-12 dates (softened) soak in water for ~25 minutes prior to using; you can also do this the night before you decide to make these)
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 2 tsp ginger


Protip: Soften your dates the night before you plan to use them so they are ready to go the next day. Simply add your dates to a bowl of water and soak in the refrigerator overnight.

Once your dates are soft, process everything in your food processor until mixture starts to clump together. form into balls and roll in baking cocoa. Makes 11.I have frozen these before in the past but i doubt you will have enough leftover to freeze 😉

Question of the day:

What’s your favorite snack? Have you ever made snack bites/bliss balls/energy bites like these before?


2 thoughts on “Raw, Vegan chocolate gingerbread bliss balls

  1. Yummm. I have made these before except I made them into homemade larabars! I only used dates and almonds, but I’ll definitely have to try this recipe, especially since I just got a food processor! But I ate all my dates/made too many larabars…hehe oops!

  2. Yes! I’ve made raw energy bites like this, I typically shape them into more of an oval shape. I use different ingredients, depending on what I have. One huge problem I have is I keep buying organic dates, but eat them up before I can make the bars! Healthwise, I know that is fine, but I can’t afford to buy a huge amount at a time. I just did this yesterday, I bought some on the way home with great intentions, but they were gone after supper my “snack.” Sooo, I typically use nut butters, raisins, ground oats, seeds, chopped nuts, flaxseed, powders like amazing grass, cocoa, honey, coconut, etc.

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