CLOSED Product review and giveaway extravaganza: DAY 2 – PlantFusion

Welcome to day 2 of my extravaganza!

It seems there has been a little confusion with my extravaganza. To be clear, not every day during my extravaganza will be a giveaway day. I wanted to make the giveaways a surprise. Yesterday’s ‘extravaganza’ was just a product review. Today’s post features both a product review and a GIVEAWAY! So be sure to read the post and complete the requirements at the end to be entered into the giveaway! And be sure to keep coming back throughout the week for more product reviews plus one more surprise giveaway!

A friend of mine recommended the PlantFusion protein (click me for the website) to me and I was thrilled when the company sent me some goodies so I could review their product.

plan fusion samples 1

I was expecting 2 or 3 samples so I was in foodie heaven when I received a box that was filled with 7 samples! They sent me one of each of their plant fusion protein powders to try as well as one of each of their phood ‘the everything shake’ to try. The variety of flavors is phenomenal;

– protein powder: unflavored, vanilla bean, chocolate, chocolate raspberry, cookies n cream

– phood: vanilla, chocolate caramel

So just a little background info on these products:

 The protein powders, per serving, offer 120 calories, 2 g total fat (0g saturated), 4 g carbohydrates (from fructose and stevia), and 21 g protein. Similar to the Larabar ALT proteinbars, these also use an alternative protein source; a blend of pea protein isolate, artichoke protein, organic sprouted amaranth powder, and organic sprouted quinoa powder. They also contain a proprietary enzyme blend for digestion. Quinoa in itself is a complete protein, meaning it contains all 9 amino acids, so it’s pretty awesome that they included it in their protein powders.

 The phood samples (which I’ve come to understand are nutritional supplements or even meal replacements) offer, per serving, 200 calories, 7 g total fat (1g saturated), 17g carbohydrates (6g from fiber, <1 g from sugar), and 18 g protein. Like the protein powder, they use alternative protein sources (see above). However, since these are also nutritional supplements they also contain an energy matrix (a blend of complex carbs as well as Baobab), Land and Sea EFA blend (a blend of omega-3-6-9), a vitamin/mineral w/green complex (a blend of organic plants and cruciferous vegetables), as well as a probiotic/digestive enzyme blend.

I do like how the phood product contains omega-3s however it’s a little unnecessary to also include omega 6 and 9. Omega 9 is not an essential fatty acid, the body can make it as needed. And as for omega-6, despite being an essential fatty acid (meaning the body cannot make it on its own) generally people get plenty of this in their diets (from foods like plant oils such as corn, soybean, and safflower oil  as well as nuts and seeds). Omega 3 has proven to be a little harder for the population to get into their diets so I do like how it is included. Also saved me from having to add flax seed when I sampled these.

Something else I would also like to point out is the addition of BCAA or branched chain amino acids. These are essential amino acids meaning the body cannot make them on its own. Athletes often use them to improve exercise performance as well as reduce protein and muscle breakdown during intense exercise. Essentially, they help stimulate muscle growth and potentially reduce muscle breakdown.  In addition to the BCAA’s, glutamine is another amino acid addition to both products. Although glutamine is not an essential amino acid, it is a great addition to these products because of its role in preventing muscle deterioration. Most people have enough glutamine stored in their bodies already that they don’t need extra. However, in those who exercise regularly or engage in intense physical activity on a regular basis, those stores can get used up rather quickly in an effort to repair the muscles. Supplementing with glutamine can help speed up the recovery process to prevent muscle deterioration and damage.

Something else I noticed about these products was the amount of sodium. The protein powders contain close to 400 mg of sodium per serving (that’s almost 20% of the daily value) and the phood supplements contain 320 mg sodium per serving. If you’re using these as a meal replacement then that’s one thing but if you’re using these in addition to your meals, that’s quite a lot of extra sodium to be taking in. On average, Americans consume 3300 mg of sodium per day which is way over the recommended 2400 mg. Just be mindful of the sodium in the rest of your meals/snacks if you include these into your daily routine.

Before getting into each specific flavor, I would also like to point out that both products are 100% plant based, gluten/dairy/soy free, contain no animal, and are also gmo free. In addition, the vitamins and minerals provided are non-synthetic so they come from natural sources meaning they are more bioavailable and better absorbed by the body.

Onto flavors and personal opinions. First off, so I don’t have to repeat this for each individual flavor; the texture of all of the flavors was great. Creamy and smooth, no chalkiness or clumps which was a definite plus in my book. In addition, there was not one flavor I didn’t like. And third, all of them were filling so I felt content but not uncomfortably full after drinking them.

plant fusion samples 2plant fusion samples 3

Protein Powders:

Unflavored: really not much to say about this one since it’s unflavored. It provides a nice base so you can add your own flavorings like fruit.

Vanilla bean: I am always hesitant to try vanilla protein powders because of that chalky protein taste they all seem to have. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It also provided a nice base to add my own flavorings.

Chocolate: This was one of my favorite flavors but then, I will always be a chocolate girl. This was super creamy and chocolate-y and really tasty.

Chocolate raspberry: I was a little hesitant with this flavor because I’m not always crazy about chocolate and fruity flavors together. However, this one didn’t disappoint. The raspberry was a little strong so I added a banana to mellow it out a little. Overall, it was a nice flavor but I’m not sure it’s a flavor I would use every day.

Cookies n cream: This was one of my favorite flavors. I could drink this every day. It was sweet without being overly sweet and had a nice cookie flavor that was noticeable without being overpowering.


Vanilla: The vanilla in this was similar to the vanilla protein powder. Overall, very enjoyable and very filling.

protein bowl

Chocolate Caramel: I absolutely adored this flavor. Chocolate AND caramel? What more could a chocolate loving girl ask for? To take it to the next level, I added in a few pieces of banana, a spoonful of oats, a couple almonds, and some frozen raspberries. It was delicious and amazing and I was very sad that it didn’t make more.


PlantFusion has also kindly supplied a 1-lb container of PlantFusion protein powder (flavor of your choice) for one lucky subscriber! *limited to US residents only * *Must be a subscriber to my blog*

How to enter:


– Head on over to the PlantFusion website and comment below which flavor you would most like to try

– If not already a subscriber, ‘Subscribe’ to my blog (extra points if you also sign up to receive email alerts)

– ‘Like’ my page on facebook (f00dventures)


– ‘follow me on instagram (IG name = f00dventures – spelled with two zeroes)

– ‘like’ PlantFusion on facebook

– Comment below with your current favorite protein powder

Be sure to comment below for EACH of the steps you completed.I will be picking names out of a hat and those who complete the most steps have the best chance of winning 😉

Giveaway will end this weekend on Sunday, February 9th at midnight EST.

* PlantFusion was generous enough to send me these samples for free. I received these samples for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


11 thoughts on “CLOSED Product review and giveaway extravaganza: DAY 2 – PlantFusion

  1. also I followed you via FB, Instagram, and here! and I would most like to try out their vanilla or chocolate – chocolate is my fave but haven’t tried vanilla yet 😀

    • that sounds amazing! ive heard good things about that protein powder. i’ll have to check it out!

      Thank you for the ‘like’ and ‘follow’, btw. ill be sure to count all of your extra entries into the giveaway 🙂

  2. I subscribed (via wordpress; if I was suppose to do it some other way, let me know), “liked” the f00dadventures Facebook page, and I would most like to try the “Vanilla Bean” flavor of Plant Fusion! : D

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