Product review and giveaway extravaganza!!!

product review and giveaway extravaganza

That’s right folks! I am hosting a week long product review and giveaway extravaganza! Each day  next week I will post a product review. I have also thrown in a few giveaway for some extra fun. The food products above are amongst the products I am reviewing. One special subscriber will win one of the products above in a giveaway – my lips are sealed as to which one so you’ll just have to come back next week to find out which 😉 In addition, I will be doing a special surprise product review + giveaway on February 7. Don’t miss this special event! Starts Monday, February 3 so be sure to mark your calendars 🙂

f00dventures is now on facebook so be sure to go and ‘like’ the page for more fun! See behind the scenes pictures and other experiments that don’t make it to the blog.

Also, be sure to ‘follow me’ on instagram for more pictures and fun (IG = f00dventures)

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