Product review: Nexercise iphone app


Fitness has really become a huge part of my life these last few months but it wasn’t until a week or two ago that I discovered this Nexercise app. I can’t even take credit for discovering it as someone mentioned it briefly in conversation and I thought it was an interesting concept.

Basically, this is an app that you can download onto your iphone or ipad and use it to track your workouts. Before we get any farther, let me just mention that tracking my workouts was something that appealed to me right away with this app. I don’t always remember what workouts I did the previous days so this app helps keep me accountable so I don’t do the same workouts multiple days in a row. In addition to logging your exercises, it also logs the number of hours you’ve worked out for the month which I really like. So far this month I’ve worked out 9 hours and 46 minutes. I feel like I’ve started the new year off with a bang just with that information alone.

So next great thing about this app, it rewards you with badges and points every time you workout.This app has a large range of exercises to choose from; everything from stretching and running to ballet, beachbody workouts, and I even saw harlemshake on there. You just choose the exercises you completed, when you completed them, and the amount of time you worked out. The app rewards you with achievement badges and points every time you workout. The badges range from accomplishing things like diversity (trying different types of workouts), working out multiple times in a week, working out during holidays, etc. There’s even a badge called ‘monday maniac’ so if you workout on a Monday, you are rewarded with bonus points for each weekday you workout that week. Not only is it fun to earn points but I find the badges are just as fun to earn. I look forward to working out so i can not only track my exercise and earn my points but also earn various badges. It just gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Once you log your exercise activities, your points are put towards a reward of your choosing. There are various rewards (gift cards to places like walmart, sephora, amazon, etc) and every time you workout, your points get you that much closer to your reward. In fact, just today I earned my first reward – a $1 gift card to amazon. It took 2000 points to earn my reward. To put that into perspective,I worked out for 60 minutes today and completed 5 different types of workouts (stretches, hiit, strength training, kickboxing, and core/cardio). All in all, I earned around 300 or 400 points today just from my 60 minute workout. The amount of points you earn varies from day to day. The more badges you earn, the more points you earn. For example, I worked out this past Monday so I have continually received the ‘monday maniac’ badge and have received extra points for that. I earned 5 points just for logging into the app today. I earned extra points for working out several days in a row and I earned extra points for trying new workouts. So there are several ways to earn extra points and get you that much closer to your reward.
So while a $1 gift card may not sound like a lot, as you workout more and earn more points, those $1 amazon gift cards will add up and before you know it, you’ll have FREE money to shop with!
This is a free app so really you have nothing to lose by downloading it and trying it out!


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