Nutritional myths

So I apologize for my laziness today but I’m going to actually direct you to an article I read this morning that I think is worth a read. It addresses some great subjects like detox diets, organic vs non organic, the great butter vs margarine debate, negative calorie foods, and cancer causing radiation from microwaves (spoiler: not true!).

Here is the link to the article: nutrition myths busted

Did any of these nutrition myths surprise you?

I admit, despite being in the field I’m in, I still can’t seem to wrap my head around the butter vs margarine debate. On one hand, butter is made from ingredients I know (cream and salt) but it’s higher in saturated fat. On the other hand, you have margarine or butter spreads which are lower in fat but contain more ingredients (mostly ingredients i don’t recognize and/or can’t pronounce. Although margarines and spreads are said to be better, I constantly go back and forth on which I prefer to use. Lately I’ve been using butter as I don’t have any heart issues and figure a little saturated fat is ok if I keep the rest of my diet clean – saturated fat is not a bad thing if you keep it at less than 10% of total caloric intake. On top of that, I don’t use butter or spreads often anyway (mostly around the holidays) so I figure the small amount I do use isn’t going to break the bank. Do you have a preference (butter or margarine or spreads)?


2 thoughts on “Nutritional myths

  1. very educational! I was most surprised by the butter v. margarine debate. I’m more on the side of butter given it’s more natural state, but I just portion control so I don’t use too much or go overboard just to keep fat intake low

    • Agreed! I mean if you have heart or cholesterol issues than spreads are a better option but for regular people, I don’t think, as you said, portion controlled butter is a bad thing. Especially if you have a relatively clean diet. Now if your diet consists of burgers and pizza on a regular basis, then that’s another story lol thanks for your input 🙂

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