Lettuce wraps


So normally I’m not one to sit down and eat an actual lunch. I’m more of a bird and pick at food throughout the day. But my dietetic internship forced me to actually pack a lunch (and eat it) since I couldn’t always pick at food like I would have liked. I still stuffed my lab coat pockets with snacks but those snacks only go so long.

Anyway, I was inspired to make these lettuce wraps after I made enchiladas last week.enchiladas are more of a heavy meal and while they are delicious, sometimes I don’t always want to eat something that heavy at lunch. So I swapped out the whole grain tortilla for a piece of romaine and filled it with some of the enchilada filling I had leftover. I used brown rice, marinated chicken, and red and green peppers. I also added a sprinkle of white and red onion as well as spinach and just a little queso cheese to top it off.

These wraps have been the perfect pick me up after a long, intense workout. Plus, the possibilities are endless. You can add a wide variety of vegetables, grains, protein, etc. whatever your heart desires. It’s my new favorite lunch!

My little guide for making the perfect wrap:
Step 1: choose your vessel (I.e. romaine lettuce)
Step 2: pick your veggies
Step 3: pick a grain (brown rice, barley, quinoa, etc)
Step 4: pick your protein (I.e. beans, chicken, low sodium turkey, etc)
Step 5: top it off (I.e. low fat cheese, dressing, etc)

What’s your favorite lunch?


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