Sneaky spaghetti


Tonight I decided I wanted spaghetti. But I wanted it to have veggies. But I didn’t want the veggies to be too noticeable because I knew my fiancé wouldn’t eat the spaghetti if the vegetables were visible. So I decided to take a page from the sneaky chef and make my own sneaky spaghetti.

Makes ~6 one cup servings
Whole grain spaghetti (I honestly don’t know how much I made; just make enough to serve 4-6)
1 large sweet potato
2-3 cups vegetables of choice (I used a mix if cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, baby cob corn, and sugar snap peas)
1 jar tomato sauce of choice (I used Ragu sweet tomato basil)

1) make your spaghetti as you normally would. Once done, set aside.
2) as your spaghetti is cooking, you can also cook your sweet potato. Slice your sweet potato into chunks and boil until soft and tender. Add the chunks (be sure to remove the skin first) and your tomato sauce to your food processor. If your vegetables are ready to go, also add those to the food processor, if not, be sure to thaw your veggies first if using frozen before adding to your processor.
3) combine your sweet potato, sauce, and veggies until everything is blended well. I don’t like chunks so I blended for a good 10 minutes.
4) add your sauce to your pasta and serve 🙂
optional </em. You can also make a quick garlic bread with some whole grain toast, butter, and garlic salt for a nice little treat to compliment your dish 😉


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