10 SIMPLE steps to make GOOD habits more DELICIOUS: STEP 6

So here we are at step 6 of my series. The theme? Monitoring your intake of solid fats and added sugar.

Eating less solid fats involves reducing your intake of foods like
Cakes, cookies, pies, cakes, granola bars
Regular cheese
Sausage, bacon, ribs
Fried potatoes including hash browns and fries
Dairy based desserts like ice cream or whole fat milk

These foods are high in saturated fats as well as calories and they don’t provide many other nutrients. They are basically empty calories that can really add up throughout the course of a day.

Eating less added sugars involves reducing your intake of foods like
Regular soda
Grain based desserts I.e. cakes, cookies, pies, granola bars
Fruit drinks/juices
Dairy based desserts

Again, these are just empty calories.

did you know?
A 12 oz can of regular soda has 33 grams of sugar? That is equal to almost 12 sugar packets or 7 tsps of sugar!
If you Drink just one pop a day, you will consume about 50 lbs of sugar in one year. Just from one pop a day. That’s not including any other sweets you might be eating like granola bars, cakes, ice cream, etc.

I also want to point out that juice is really a no no. Juice is basically sugared water. If you drink jive, limit your consumption to about 4 oz a day. Try to eat the actual fruit as opposed to the juice as the fruit will offer more nutrients like fiber that you won’t get from drinking the juice.

did you know?
Juice often has more sugar than pop. Yogurt has more sugar than a package of cookies. The naked smoothies have more sugar than Gatorade. Beware of sugar content in the foods you eat and drink.Try to keep your sugar consumption as minimal as possible.

If you want something fruity to drink, try making flavored water at home instead of drinking juice or flavored waters from the store. Yogurt can still be a healthy option if you stick with Greek yogurt. Plain greek is best as it contains more natural sugars, less added sugar, and more protein. Stay away from yoplait! It contains all kinds of nasty ingredients, lots of added sugar, and little protein.

Eat more nutrient dense foods like whole grains, fish, fruits and vegetables, and eggs and nuts. These foods are all part of a healthy, balanced diet.


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