10 SIMPLE steps to make GOOD habits more DELICIOUS: STEP 3

This step is easier said than actually executed. it involves increasing the amounts of meals you cook at home and decreasing the amount of meals you eat out.

Cooking at home, as opposed to dining out, allows you to not only have more creative control but also more nutritional control over what goes into your foods. You can choose to bake your chicken as opposed to frying it. You can choose to use whole wheat pasta instead of refined pasta. you can switch out fat laden butter for soft spreads.

Soft spreads such as I can’t believe it’s not butter, country crock, and promise all contain significantly lower levels of saturated fat (about 70% less) no trans fat per serving, no cholesterol, and are made with a blend of vegetable oils.

As mentioned, I know it’s easier to say you’re going to cook more meals at home. I myself have found that some nights, after interning all day, the last thing I want to do is think about food. So, on more than one occasion, I may or may not have stopped at little Caesars on the way home and gotten pizza and breadsticks. Generally this type of meal will last Edward and I a week so that’s one less meal I have to think about for a few days. However, I make up for,this by packing my own lunch with homemade meals along with fruit, carrot sticks, and other homemade snacks. I also prepare homemade breakfast dishes on the weekends so I can easily grab a few bites before work and i bring homemade fruit and protein smoothies to sip on throughout the morning while at work. Every night I pack my lunch and prepare my ingredients for my breakfast smoothies so I can easily blend my smoothie in the morning. And every weekend I prepare a meal or two to last me throughout the week so I can just potion it out and take it in for lunch. It does take extra time but your body and health are worth the extra time. My biggest time saver, I make sure to have plenty of extra meals and snacks in the freezer so if I find myself short on time, I can just grab something the night before and throw it in the fridge so it is thawed and ready to go the next day.

So really the moral of this story is 1) cook more foods at home, 2) choose healthier ingredients to cook your meals with (I.e. whole wheat flours or spreads, for example), and 3) plan ahead!


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