10 SIMPLE steps to make GOOD habits more DELICIOUS: STEP 1

So I thought now would be a good time to start a new series. Especially since many people like to use this time to lead a healthier lifestyle. Over the next 10 days (or whenever i get a chance) I will post a new tip to help you learn how to make good habits more delicious.

Today, we start with tip #1: size your servings right

You can control your caloric intake by managing your serving size. It’s often said that people eat with their eyes so if you like seeing a plate full of food, try using a smaller dinner plate (about 10 inches in diameter) and fill it up with the proper portion sizes you should be eating. Below, those portion sizes are listed along with common household items to help guide you in what a proper serving really is.

3 oz poultry = deck of cards
3 oz grilled/baked fish = checkbook or length of your hand
3 oz beef = deck of cards

1 oz nuts = cupped palm of your hand
1 baked potato = computer mouse
1 dinner roll = yo-yo
1 cup cereal = baseball
1 cup pasta = tennis ball

1 serving of fruit (1/2 cup) = light bulb
1 serving of vegetables 1/2 cup) = small fist
1 cup green salad = baseball

1 oz cheese = ping pong ball
2 tbsp peanut butter = ping pong ball
1 tbsp soft spread (tub margarine) = 3 thumb tips
1 tsp of soft spread (tub margarine) = scrabble tile
2 tbsp salad dressing = 1 shot glass

One last tip before you go: when sautéing vegetables or using the frying pan, measure out 1 tbsp of a soft spread (with no hydrogenated oils) to control your portions while cooking.


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