(UPDATED) DIY Harry potter monopoly

I am so excited to show off this HARRY POTTER MONOPOLY board that I made for Edward as part of his Christmas gift for this year. Every year he always asks for a homemade gift and I normally just make him a calendar every year. However, the last calendar I made him has been stuck on the march page which just goes to show you how much he uses the calendars I make him. So this year, to be honest, I just thought about foregoing the homemade gift. However, on pinterest, I saw a DIY Harry potter monopoly and I though NO WAY! MUST MAKE ASAP!

I found the website for this Harry potter awesomeness and discovered that the genius behind this idea was kind enough to provide printouts for the game board and the game pieces. For any of those interested here is a link to the printouts: click me!

So I set out and printed out all of the pieces and put it all together. And here is the masterpiece:






Game pieces:


The outside of the game box:


What’s your opinion on DIY gifts? Yay or nay? Have you made or received a DIY gift?

22 thoughts on “(UPDATED) DIY Harry potter monopoly

    1. I know for a fact he doesn’t read my blog so it will be fine. I’m now on a mission to find harry potter Monopoly money or a way to make it myself. This task is proving to be quite difficult though. I can always just use regular Monopoly money if need be


  1. I’ve looked at that site and you can’t actually download their board template anymore… or at least I haven’t been able to. Do you still have your files of the board you’d be willing to share? I send the maker a message but haven’t heard back from him.


  2. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I need this in my life. is there anyway you could make one and i could buy it from you? if so my facebook is tamara dotson


  3. Thank you so very much for sharing your files. You put a ton of hard work into this creation! I admire your creativity. Do you have a specific set of rules for this version? Did you make your own money or use the original Monopoly money? THANK YOU!!!


    1. sadly i can’t really take credit for this creation. i found all of the files online and just printed them all out and put them together. the link to the files is in my post 🙂 as for the monopoly money, i really wanted to make hp money but ended up not having the time or resources to do so. so i just used monopoly money.


  4. Hi there, what a brilliant make you have done.
    Please can I just ask what did you do for the money.
    And what did you do for the rules?
    And how do you go around getting the bard layout printed?
    Thank you

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    1. For the money I ended up just using monopoly money from a regular monopoly game. I wanted to make my own harry potter version but I ended up not having the time to do so. And for the rules, I also just kind of applied the same monopoly game rules for getting around the board 🙂


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